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CD Hardware/Software / Re: Which drive should be preferred?
Last post by Lazlo Nibble -
However, a drive may be able to rip faster than another or may be able to extract better data from damaged CDs using C2 info for instance.
Here’s something to complicate it further: one of my drives (TSSTcorp, DVD-ROM TS-H353B, D500) doesn’t report C2 errors according to EAC. But a couple of weeks ago, three of my most troublesome CDs were ripped to by that drive the point where CUEtools could repair the rips, which none of the other drives I’ve tried have been able to do.

I don’t know what EAC does with C2 errors during a burst-mode rip, but based on the results above I theorize that in some cases the “raw” bad block of data may be closer to correct than what whatever EAC is spitting out.
General - (fb2k) / Re: How to display embedded artwork or artwork file
Last post by Kontrarian -
I have foobar2000 set to prefer embedded art, and if that's not there it will look for cover.jpg, folder.jpg, etc (the usual), none of that is the problem.
The problem is showing individual tracks embedded art when they are part of an album.
Imagine an artist releasing a digital album and embedding unique art for each individual track.
Then when playing it in foobar2000 the image would change when it goes from track 1 to track 2, etc.
BUT it doesn't, it just continues to show the embedded art in track 1.
Now, if I have two tracks with different embedded art and they don't get grouped together in the playlist because they are from different artists and different albums, then foobar2000 will change the art when the song changes.
BUT, if they are grouped together in an album foobar2000 just shows the embedded art from the first track the whole time.
Support - (fb2k) / File Operations: Truncated Presets
Last post by Kontrarian -
I have recently been reorganizing my files and foobar2000's file operations are a huge time saver!
BUT, I find it difficult to select my presets since their names get truncated and there appears to be no way to widen that part of the dialog box.
No matter how big I make the dialog box, the presets don't gain any screen real-estate.


Is there a way to widen this or should I submit a feature request?

Thank you!
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Tags not saving
Last post by fooball -
FB2K caches the tag info.  If you edit tags within one instance of FB2K, it updates the file and the cache, but there is nothing to tell another instance of FB2K that the file has been altered externally (the same thing would apply however you edited the tags).

You can force foobar2000 to reload tag information after external edits. There are multiple ways to do this, one is to hold Shift, right click the tracks and use context menu command 'Tagging' -> 'Reload info from file(s)'.

However, if you are using external tags, then your edits don't get saved into the track files at all and instead to a database or ghost files.  They won't get seen by another FB2K instance unless specifically configured to share the database/ghosts, and I'm not sure whether that's possible.