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General - (fb2k) / Re: Re: foobar2000 v2.0"Could not negotiate VST audio format" [split]
Last post by castleofargh -
On 1.6.14
I can get that message when using DMG Equilibrium(also a fancy EQ) with the VST3 version(32 and 64bit) of it. The VST2 version works fine.
Now how it happens: All versions of the VST mentioned do work(open the EQ for settings and plays music), music stops and that message pops up only when going to the next song with a different sample rate(using vst3). And if I press play, foobar starts the next song just fine and keeps going until the next sample rate change.

All the other VSTs I tried so far would either work fine or not work at all, only Equilibrium behaved like I described so I thought it might not be all that obvious to diagnose and decided to share this in case it's of any help.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Input/Other decoders (special format) 64bit
Last post by snowbie -
I'll go out on a limb and ask for v2 64-bit versions of foo_enhanced_spectrum_analyzer and foo_musical_spectrum.

Good luck with that. Those components were never open source and the chance of anyone rewriting replacements from scratch is somewhere between slim and none.  :o  :))

Slim does not mean none ;-) I'm in the process of attempting a rewrite. The animation engine works. However, I'm currently stuck on the FFT and the logarithmic distribution.

Someone already did that but for DeaDBeeF, see
I considered porting this port back to foobar, but I'm not experienced enough and had no idea what I was doing. Hopefully this can serve as an apt enough resource for finishing it up.
I personally preferred the enhanced spectrum analyzer, but I'll take either over the default.
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 v2.0 bugs
Last post by Snowknight26 -
Time to add to the list. Found these using beta 3, 64-bit. Will update as I find more.


Didn't realize we couldn't edit posts. Beta 17 still has at least the following problems:

  • Date Added playback statistic is not imported from 1.6 for a majority of files - 1.6 installation has foo_playcount and every track has an associated added date yet less than 10% of tracks had their date added successfully copied. This breaks autoplaylists that rely on %added%. Entire library (except for that 10%) is considered "added" on the first launch of 2.0
    • 1.6.13 on the left, 2.0 beta 17 on the right. Note the missing Last Played and Playcount column values, as well as incorrect Date Added values. Seems to mostly affect older files so what's shown in the screenshot isn't a representative sample of missing data, percentage-wise.
  • Edit menu sometimes shows nothing - to reproduce, select a track in a playlist, click Edit in the main menu, press escape, then click Edit again
  • The cancel changes modal that appears seems to have the wrong colors, as if it's disabled (and an older, Vista-style icon?)

Additional things I've noticed:
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Run Command
Last post by fabiospark -
Is there a way to create a new playlist querying one of the filtering device?
For instance: Quicksearch  artist HAS Miles

And one to select a plylist and then start the playback from that playlist?

Thank you.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_input_uade (TESTING)
Last post by gama -
You will as you seen need to keep the library multiinstance safe. Is UADE as such?

Mmmm, that might be a big problem.  For I think it is not.  UADE uses several global variables for the m68k emulation, audio buffer, cpu registers, instruction tables, memory arrays, all are global variables.

What I do is, initialize those variables once, at startup.  And create, destroy an uade_state (which is multiinstance safe) member in the input_uade object class.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Input/Other decoders (special format) 64bit
Last post by MarkP -
I finally have a 64bit build of foo_input_adplug working. The changes have been so extensive that i've renamed it to foo_adplug instead to avoid conflicts with Kode54's 32bit version.

Source and x64 binaries attached, release notes below. It will build in VS2022 Pro with the Windows 8.1 and 7.0 SDKs, and XP v141 compiler(!). Works fine on Windows 11 22h2 x64. I can't maintain it as I don't have the time, unfortunately, anyone is welcome to pick it and run with it. I've removed a lot of the legacy bits which replicated stuff that is now done by Foobar2000 itself, and updated to the latest AdPlug from GitHub and exposed more of the AdPlug decoders. It will compile against the 2022-11-16 SDK.

I've made some AdLib purist changes, limiting the sample rates to those only the OPL2 and OPL3 implementations themselves.

2022-12-09 4:00 GMT - Mark P

- Based on the superb original work from Kode54.
- Renamed to foo_adplug.dll

   - Removed the built-in tags database, this is now better handled through a plugin such as foo_external_tags.
   - Removed the built in built-in resampler, this is now much better handled through built-in Foobar2000 capabilities.
   - Removed the built-in 'Surround Sound' function, this is now much better handled through other Foobar plugins.
   - Removed the standalone DOSBox core, this is now handled by AdPlug as WoodyOPL
   - Removed the exclusion of .lds files
   - Removed all the various sample rates, just leaving the 49516 and 49716 per
   - Re-enabled .adl file handing. It's not right, but it will at least allow you to play your songs.
   - Tidied up the UI a little.

- Updated to the latest Foobar2000 SDK
   - Enabled 64bit builds
   - Made 'usable' in Visual Studio 2022 Professional

- Updated to the latest AdPlug from Git
   - Added all the software OPL cores from AdPlug.
   - Set the default core to Nuked OPL3 at 49716Hz

- ToDo:
   - The UI handling is a messy hack based on the old ATLHelpers, can someone rebuild using the latest PPUI libraries and support dark mode?
   - The adplug and libbinio libraries and the plugin itself needs to be built with the Windows XP compiler tools (v141_xp),
     against the 7.0 SDK. This needs updating to something more modern and sustainable.
   - The includes are a mess, they need putting at the correct paths.
   - I haven't bothered getting anything other than x64 release builds working.
   - The plugin builds to a .dll only, it is not packaged.
   - The 'Jarek Burczynski' decoder only seems to render the left channel.
   - The 'configure' link is missing from the Filters view.

 First-time contribution, offered without any guarantees/warranties, feels good to give something back at least!

Tested with the Commander Keen IMF files, Fuzzy's World of Space Golf LDS files, and some RAD files.
Uploads - (fb2k) / foo_input_uade (BETA)
Last post by gama -
Input component based on a modified version of UADE library:

Current version: 1.0.2beta

Contents of the zip file:
   - Component DLL file
   - uade data files; eagleplayers, score, config files.
   - Latest uade binaries compiled in cygwin64 (64bit only) for testing of songs.
   - The rmc utility to pack songs to rmc format.  Note that if a song is not supported by uade it will be rejected by the utility.

IMPORTANT:  This version of the component is for BETA Testing only.  It may and probably will make foobar crash when trying to play some songs.  Please use it at your own risk.
And remember to set the uade directory option in the config dialog before use.

Download Links: