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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Library Tree Discussion
Last post by yeyo -
@The Chief  @yeyo or anybody else affected by the options dialog issue. I've uploaded a test version here. Click the download button. Please can you confirm that the options dialog always now opens correctly? I'm not able to reproduce the issue hence the test version, but then I don't have win11.

The features check is now done on the first use of the options dialog during a particular session, rather than during start-up as suggested by @regor . If it still isn't robust, then likely I'll remove the features checker & add a manual setting to panel properties for affected users, e.g. those using Wine.
Feedback from the test version: when two library trees are used in a topic interface, only one of them can be opened, and the other still cannot be opened.
PS:It is recommended to completely remove the function checker.
WavPack / Re: WavPack 5.5.0 Release Candidate
Last post by bryant -
But, WavPack does not support AIFF at all. (It handles CAF.)
Ha, silly me. Didn't notice that little detail :-[
Yeah, AIFF is on my wish-list, and in fact there's a half-done version in an old GitHub branch. I got bogged down on ID3v2.2 support which I wanted to do at the same time (don't ask). Maybe next time.

But your understanding is correct that WavPack by default creates and restores a byte-exact representation of the entire source file, regardless of the format. And in the case of CAF that includes both endian versions. Of course it doesn't really understand any of the metadata beyond the basics, so if you export to a different format then that stuff is lost.

But I will update the webpage to make that feature clearer. When I originally wrote about the WinZip relationship I wasn't aware that saving the headers would be one of the main draws ... I was just trying to explain what lossless audio was!  :)

And, BTW, thanks for the referrals! I'm actually working with some people who want to compress thousands of channels and they were referred (perhaps by you).
WavPack / Re: WavPack 5.5.0 Release Candidate
Last post by bryant -
Gee, I was hoping to be able to edit the first post for an RC2, but I guess there’s a time limit. I hate to start a new thread, so I’ll just post here and maybe a kind mod can delete the downloadable files from the first post.

So the reason for the update was to allow the drag-and-drop feature to handle multiple files. This is not straightforward because the syntax on Windows is to have the optional second specified file be the output file (even though wildcards are supported in the first file). Well, the solution was to add a new option “--drop” which changes the syntax to simply a list of input files. You still can’t drop a folder (which is a whole new set of complications) but this is still a lot better than one at a time. Here’s a new example filename:


Here’s the new change list:

  • fixed: CVE-2021-44269 (encoding crafted DSD file causes out-of-bounds read crash)
  • fixed: very long filenames cause stack-overflow crash in command-line programs
  • fixed: attempting to encode raw DSD audio from stdin sometimes causes crash
  • fixed: DSD to PCM decimation: small clicks between tracks and tiny DC offset
  • fixed: the length stored in the WAV header not always corrected when using -i
  • added: accepting brace-delimited options in the wavpack executable filename
  • added: "--drop" option to Windows executables for multi-file "drag-and-drop"
  • added: --raw-pcm option to wvunpack executable (does DSD --> 24-bit PCM)
  • added: --no-overwrite option to wavpack executable (to resume sessions)
  • improved: build system clean-up including switch to non-recursive "make"
foobar2000 mobile / Effect-DSP?
Last post by doc_jochim -
Hi there,

is there any possibility to add effect-DSP-component to my foobar2000-mobile (android)? I'm looking for a possibility to add some reverb to some of my audiofiles during playback as I am used to do within my desktop-foobar2000.

Any idea?

WavPack / Re: WavPack 5.5.0 Release Candidate
Last post by Porcus -
But, WavPack does not support AIFF at all. (It handles CAF.)
Ha, silly me. Didn't notice that little detail :-[

Meanwhile, I tried - and failed - to get Monkey's and ALS to accept the sowt files. So there are no such options then?
Also, it seems to me that none of the codecs can force an output choice between WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE and old WAVE. (Well ffmpeg can, but ffmpeg does not default to lossless operation in the first place, it is a different tool.)

Oh, looks like bryant will once again be overloaded with requests from ... people who don't use WavPack that much :-o

Do I kinda feel guilty here? I kinda should. I have like a measly (for my hoarding habits) 20 GB lossless that I need to distinguish in case I should stupidly destroy tags, and having started to read myself up on the codecs, I kinda liked WavPack and chose that for my 2nd codec back in the day. And the more of these weird tests I do, the more I like WavPack, it behaves utterly sane. A compressor is more than just an encoding/decoding algorithm. (And for once I shall refrain from knocking the competition.)
CD Hardware/Software / Re: How to clean CD?
Last post by -
Do you know how to clean an CD properly?

We do use *transparent* glass-cleaner spray (to reduce unwanted residues) 1st, then slight mist dryed by a microfiber cloth.

Black painting of the external CD edge - using a permanent marker - sometimes *may* (remember the GreenCD myth) help the reader to retrieve worst parts.

Using a better reader (that supports C2, slow speed ripping, etc) is, of course, the best option.

Hope that helps.
Opus / Re: Opus and replay gain
Last post by Squeller -
Must say I am totally confused about Opus and loudness metadata. What I got out if it is this:

- Opus doesn't store Replaygain (track/album) peak values because standard forbids, for whatever good reasons
- Trackgain/Albumgain values can be saved
- There is also a Opus header gain value stored. ?!
- Foobar has a dedicated screen, "Manipulate Opus header gain" - Apply = Re-Encode? Just write a header? Or apply without re-encoding (as mp3directcut did). I guess the latter.
- That screen has "Lower adjustments according to peak levels" - But opus files hold no peak level metadata?! Or rather values it calculates on-the-fly?

Rocket science for mere mortals I think.