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How can I make skins for foobar2000?

Hi my nickname Is Rukasuzu,  How can I make skins for foobar2000?
Hopefully it will be easy to make skins

How can I make skins for foobar2000?

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There's nothing called "skins" with foobar2000. You can customize the player a lot and many people are doing it to extremes with advanced components like panel splitter and huge amounts of complicated titleformatting. Titleformatting wasn't made for this task in the first place and is generally considered a sort of "hack" in this regard.

It sounds like you don't know foobar2000 very well already since you have to ask such question, and I'd say if your primary goal is to skin, foobar2000 is definately not for you. Go use another player that actually DO support skinning, like Winamp or the like.
Can't wait for a HD-AAC encoder :P


How can I make skins for foobar2000?

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I see your point, but I think he only wants to have an alternative to the default ui options.

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