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foo_mcm570usbcontrol is a plugin which allows you to control foobar from your Philips MC-M570 Hifi System and to display the trackname on it !(Link to the description of the mc-m570)

The plugins works well except some strange bugs:
- Sometimes the trackname isn't display entirely (I think it's caused by the bugged drivers used by Philips)
- Sometimes there are some strange problems with the commands and i don't know exactly why  but if somes persons are interested with this plugin i'll try to do my best to fixe theses issues.

You can get the plugin here :

Read the Readme File to see how to use the plugin !!

I'm not a c++ developper and it's my first plugin so i developped this one from foo_controlserver.

(Note about PhilipsRemote.exe : I use philipsremote.exe to receive commands from the mcm570 because i don't know how to use _UacaGetMem@12 from uacb.dll so i take the commands from PhilipsRemote.exe. But i send trackname using directly _UacaSetMem@12 from uacb.dll ^^)

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