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A suggestion for foo_uie_lyrics

When I use lyrics show panel, I find that there is a formatting string that is used when lyrics not found. The string can be used as Track info panel. But can it be modified to " show the formatting string when given a command", say a click on the panel? Since I am not always reading the lyrics even when I have it, and it is not good looking to show two panels at the same time. So I want to switch between lyrics and formatting string easily. Or a more general method, to place two(or several) panels in the same place and switch between them with a single click?

A suggestion for foo_uie_lyrics

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1) Did you really have to start yet another thread for discussing foo_uie_lyrics? We already have several.
2) Have you tried foo_uie_tabs? It will allow you to "stack" panels at the same spot and switch between them by clicking on tabs.. much like the tabbed playlist switcher.


A suggestion for foo_uie_lyrics

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Oh. It is exactly what I want! Thanks a lot. And sorry for adding a new thread again, I will try to search for existing one next time!

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