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AccurateRIP & USB Bluray Drive

So its been years since I last said I'd rip my collection to FLAC - but this time I'm determined!   >:(

Any semblance of my old tower PC is long gone.  Its old-style drive had no trouble with AccurateRIP,  I'm now using a Dell Lattitude laptop with an LG USB Bluray drive (model: WP50NB40) attached.

And there seems to be the problem.  AccurateRIP refuses to calibrate with the drive after numerous attempts with popular CD's I know should work (and did work on an older PC).

So what's the deal with using a USB Bluray drive like this?  Might I have one that just isn't compatible?  Is there some trick to making it work?  Are there known, compatible USB drives that would solve the problem? 

Thanks in advance for any help!

Re: AccurateRIP & USB Bluray Drive

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Ok, how about this....

Does anyone use a USB drive that's AccurateRIP compatible?  If so, what it it?


Re: AccurateRIP & USB Bluray Drive

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For $34 on Amazon its worth it just to test. 

Hopefully it will solve my little problem - I'll report back on the result.


Re: AccurateRIP & USB Bluray Drive

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Got the new Asus drive, and..... it doesn't configure with Accuraterip.  Tried on two different PC's - same results.

This drove me to something I should have looked into previously; checking the Accuraterip website.  When I entered the model number: SDRW-08D2S - it was in the list, but noted as "purged".  I'm guessing that's why it doesn't have results in the data to match up with.

However, looking at the list helped me find similar models that appear to be approved.  So I ordered one of those and we'll see what happens.

The search goes on...

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