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Topic: Foobar deletes file when not able to convert them. (Read 674 times) previous topic - next topic
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Foobar deletes file when not able to convert them.

Hi guys, pretty new here and just registered.
I'm posting here because really don't know if this topic has been already discussed somewhere.

This is what happened to me yesterday (and it hasn't been the only time). I was creating a new music compilation using some FLAC files and using Nero. Among those files (all FLACs) there was one which forced Nero in creating an alert telling me that that file was not recognized thus it couldn't be inside the compilation because unrecognized. I don't know why this happened, I tried to listen to the file and apparently everything was OK since I was able to listen to this song from the beginning to the end. What I tried next was to "reconvert" this file from FLAC to FLAC again to see if it could work. So I opened Foobar 1.4.3 (now I downloaded latest) and put this file inside it. As soon as I clicked on "Convert" also Foobar raised an alert because something was wrong with the file, but this is not a big deal. What I cannot understand is where the hell went this file 'cause Foobar not only deleted the file from his list but it also deleted the file physically from the original folder where it was!

My questions at this point are: First - Did Foobar really deleted the file and it is not possible to recover it? (Can't find it anywhere)
Second - Is there an option inside Foobar where can I set something to prevent Foobar from deleting such files?

Thanks for you comprehension and cooperation and sorry for my poor English...

Re: Foobar deletes file when not able to convert them.

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You might try the Recycle Bin

Re: Foobar deletes file when not able to convert them.

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Of course I did it and at this time I'm trying with Recuva and EaseUS Data Recovery but it might take for ever! :D

Re: Foobar deletes file when not able to convert them.

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There was a bug in converter allowing overwriting source files. It was fixed some time ago in version 1.4.6. I'm afraid your file is gone for good.
PS: It's good habit to keep software updated.

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