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Topic: [Android, v1.2.28] Per-track album art doesn't work (Read 1009 times) previous topic - next topic
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[Android, v1.2.28] Per-track album art doesn't work

on my current version of the android app, if tracks on an album have their own individual cover artwork, it won't be displayed - instead, the app picks a random piece of cover artwork from one of the tracks and will use that for the entire album.
i swear i remember this working properly on previous versions of the android app, so i'm not sure why it isn't working now.
i've tried the same album(s) with other audio players on android and haven't run into this issue there.
i'm running Android 11 and version v1.2.28 of the foobar2000 app.


Re: [Android, v1.2.28] Per-track album art doesn't work

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I'm using 1.3.1 and can confirm this issue remains. My expectation is the cover artwork in the track should override the album's.