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Topic: Is metadb data size a concern in 2.0? (Read 481 times) previous topic - next topic
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Is metadb data size a concern in 2.0?

My foo_enhanced_playcount probably has one of the larger metadb sizes out there (depending on how many plays/scrobbles you have) and it seems to be significantly adding to bloat in metadb.sqlite.

With 202k scrobbles plus probably another 150k plays in foobar (so around 352k timestamp_t values I'd guess) my old index-data file took up 5.1MB. Now in metadb.sqlite that data appears to take up a whopping 56MB (saved a copy deleted the tables and compressed db to get that number, so may not be 100% accurate). Since beta 18 it's my understanding that this data is loaded in memory just like in 1.0. Is it actually using all that extra space in memory?

Should I be taking steps to compress the data being saved to my metadb?