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Rather than continuing to hijack the original foo_musicbrainz thread, I'm starting my own. As the name implies, this is 64bit only for fb2k v2.

Details and download here:

New version released just now adds support for writing COMPOSER and PERFORMER tags. There are limitations. If that big old wall of text is too much, just check the Changes section.

edit: what gets written will depend on what is available under the Release credits section of a given release.


Re: MusicBrainz64

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`COMPOSER` and `PERFORMER` from the `recording` level are now supported. The original implementation only supported `release` level. If both are encountered, they should be combined but that has not been tested.

The edit in the first post is now obsolete.  :P

Re: MusicBrainz64

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- Fixes a bug introduced in `1.2.3` where a `PERFORMER` credited with the same `instrument` at `recording` and `release` level would see that `instrument` duplicated.

That lack of testing I mentioned in the previous post came back and bit me.  :-X

Re: MusicBrainz64

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No changes in functionality from previous release but some code has been modernised and it's now open source.

edit: in the unlikely event anyone does want to compile their own, it's easiest to install dependencies via vcpkg

Code: [Select]
vcpkg install fmt nlohmann-json wtl --triplet x64-windows

It also requires VS 2022 17.5+ because it uses features not available in earlier versions.

Re: MusicBrainz64

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I can only apologise for these bugs. I'm an early contender for incompetent buffoon of the year award.  :'(

- Fix bug where ascii punctuation replacements were not applied if enabled in the Preferences.
- v1.1.2 added support for writing ARTISTSORT and ALBUMARTISTSORT and it was clearly stated that foobar2000 would transform these to ARTISTSORTORDER and ALBUMARTISTSORTORDER when tagging mp3/m4a. Unfortunately I did not notice that this would not clear any existing ARTISTSORTORDER and ALBUMARTISTSORTORDER values so if you tagged the same tracks more than once, values would be appended instead of overwriting. This is now fixed.

Re: MusicBrainz64

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Just to follow on from my ascii puntuation balls up, I've made a component that can fix any selection of files offline from the  context menu, There is a Convert Unicode punctuation to ASCII option under the Tagging menu.

It will report the count of files that need fixing, send them to a new playlist and then prompt you to fix them. Just hit Cancel if you'd rather inspect the tags manually.

The bundle contains 32bit and 64bit dlls for fb2k 2.0.

edit: because this iterates every tag in every selected track and performs several string replacements on every one. you should consider limiting selection sizes.