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Re: Library Tree Discussion

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Is there a way to prevent all of the nodes from auto-collapsing after I search and then go back to the main tree?

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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Hi!, I was searching a complement similar to Facets and I tried Library Tree. I have a question:

Is it possible to make 3 columns: Artist Main Folder --> Artist sub folders --> Albums with cover arts and order by year?

In facets I can get that using in the first two colums the folder structure, but in Library Tree was impossible for me 'cause always shows the subfolders files (.cue files and audio files that I don't want to be showed). I don't find how to show statics like the size of the main artist folder or duration of the albums in the third column too.

This is my actual layout using facets and JS Playlist, I would like to achieve something close to that o even better if it's possible with Library Tree or another component.

Have you tried turning it off and on again??

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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There is a bug at interface.js line 434
Code: [Select]
	getFont() {
const RunningWine = () => utils.IsFile('Z:\\bin\\bash' || 'Z:\\bin\\ls' || 'Z:\\bin\\sh' || 'Z:\\etc\\fstab'); /* detects if user is running Wine on Linux or MacOs, default Wine mount point is Z:\ */

Where if you have a drive witch such letter, like a virtual drive or a CD drive, utils.IsFile crashes.

It's funny just happened to me today, because I usually name my virtual drives in reverse starting from Z! Problem is the error appears at startup, so most users would not be able to bypass it.

There are probably other multiple places like that. This method, along IsFolder, etc. should always be wrapped inside try / catch.


Re: Library Tree Discussion

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@regor, yea this was my old helper I've provided WilB ;-)

Remember, we updated it with your additional code:

Code: [Select]
 * @returns {boolean} Detects if user is running Wine on Linux or MacOs, default Wine mount point is Z:\
const DetectWine = () => {
const diskLetters = Array.from(Array(26)).map((e, i) => i + 65).map((x) => `${String.fromCharCode(x)}:\\`);
const paths = ['bin\\bash', 'bin\\ls', 'bin\\sh', 'etc\\fstab'];
return diskLetters.some((d) => {
try { // Needed when permission error occurs and current SMP implementation is broken for some devices....
return IsFolder(d) ? paths.some((p) => IsFile(d + p)) : false;
} catch (e) { return false; }

Forgot to tell @WilB to update his...


Re: Library Tree Discussion

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I have added the necessary search memory to the next version.

Next version has a new facets mode and allows use of any number of panels chained together. It also has statistics.

I've added the new jump search method. Thanks for the info.

Thanks for report and updated code snippet which will be in the next version.


Like @regor I have been unable to reproduce the issue.

If the problem persists can you open panel properties and clear all properties to reset the configuration (export properties first if you have made significant changes so you have a backup)?

If the issues still occurs, from your description it looks like it might be due to use of fb2k v2 (beta). So you could try foobar2000 1.6.16 to see if that solves it.

How the library initialises on foobar2000 start-up in v2 seems to have changed compared with earlier versions, although I know plenty of people for whom it works fine - in fact this is the only report I'm aware of where there might be an issue. v2 will require the advanced setting 'Auto-sync with library changes' left enabled.

Next version checks the fb2k version before deciding how to handle the library and has extra  checks and balances as well.

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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Can you add the following selection setting in the list view?

Next version has a new facets mode and allows use of any number of panels chained together. It also has statistics.
Sounds very exciting!