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General A/V / Re: Blu-Ray and DVD Authoring on Ubuntu Linux using only FOSS
Last post by fooball -
Thanks for posting this.  I don't have any solutions to offer, and I've never attempted Blu-ray, but I have Blu-ray burners and you're right – support for optical (of any form) seems to be dropping off because relevance is dropping off.  Any answers forthcoming will be of interest.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_openlyrics (not my release)
Last post by lt2023 -
Can anyone tell me what Custom Highlight Colour is supposed to do? I check it and nothing happens. The others (font, text colour,etc) work fine. Thanks

It is used so that in the file types that support it, the verse that is playing is illuminated.
I would like my foobar to look like the image you posted. Could you tell me how to achieve that look. I really would like the dark background and the open lyrics panel out on the right. I am mostly using Columns UI, but could switch over to default. Right now my openlyrics window is floating.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Equalizer APO - A Sourceforge project for the Windows audiophile
Last post by Tomacco_Boy -
Are there headphone configuration files available for HP types? i.e. LCD-X has the autoEQ database in the app now

This is what mine currently looks like with custom EQ
FLAC / Re: error playing track 9 of this album, why?
Last post by korth -
I saw the same error as the OP in 1.6.16 (I've already deleted the files)
Tests (foo_verifier and flac -t) showed the original flac file was ok.
I re-encoded as I posted above and with CUETools. Both new files played track 9 fine in foobar2000 using original CUE.
foo_bitcompare and CUETools showed no difference in audio after re-encode.