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Audio Hardware / Re: Looking for a simple stereo DAC
Last post by jsrtheta -
I stand to be corrected, but back in the days of megabuck outboard DACs (Theta, EAD, ML, etc.), 2 Vrms was the standard, with some (like the original PS Audio Ultralink) hovering around 5 Vrms. And that's consumer grade. And the ART DI/O, an ADC/DAC pro piece that was subject of much worship, became popular with "audiophiles" to the point people were selling special cables with resistor networks to lower the output to a point consumer gear wouldn't go bananas.

Support - (fb2k) / Re: Saving Configurations For Future Re-Install
Last post by EpicForever -
The best option is to keep whole "foobar2000" directory. You will then save your playlists, configs, theme (UI customizations), plugins, ML database, everything. Only have in mind, that as time goes by "autobackup" subdirectory will grow in size with new automated backups.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Illegal filename characters replacement
Last post by Parole -
Such a pity that tags are altered before they are even available for replacement.
I wanted to replace all illegal Windows file name characters with their fullwidth Unicode character, which is accepted in file names.

Code: [Select]
(I tried with or without quotes, typewriter apostrophes, with no success)

(Normally, I don’t have any more " and ' in my tags, since these are typewriter characters and we should use typographic characters “ ” ’, which have the extra advantage to be allowed in file names.)

But foobar2000 steals these characters */:\| before they can be caught by $replace(). However, it doesn’t steal <>?", which can be replaced.

What the heck?
FLAC / Re: Replay Gain difference in FLAC Frontend and FB2k
Last post by bmcelvan -
Sorry for bumping an old thread...thought this would be the proper place to ask though.

Most important to me is which program, FLAC command line or Foobar2000 calculates the more accurate replaygain values that will yield a closer result to the target dB (in this case 89dB).

I never found or didn't understand the answer if it was listed in this thread. I know a difference of a tenth or hundredth of a dB (if not 10-7 dB) is nothing but I'm finding a difference of over 2dB sometimes. This is one of my Rush (Japanese mastered) CDs.

And if anyone can answer, why is there such a difference in there an easy answer?

The track peak values are nearly identical, if they are different it's out at like the 5th or 6th decimal point.

These are the track gain values...a difference of 2.17dB I feel would be noticable.
CMD:      Foobar:     Difference
-2.37     -3.64     1.27
-2.34     -3.69     1.35
-0.93     -2.36     1.43
-1.17     -2.15     0.98
-0.39     -2.56     2.17
-0.76     -1.91     1.15
-0.09     -0.87     0.78
-0.46     -2.31     1.85
Audio Hardware / Re: Looking for a simple stereo DAC
Last post by Maurits -
You might need something with a "strong" headphone-output, or even a low power "speaker output".   Or, maybe you can connect a little mixer (a cheap & easy way of getting something with gain).

2VRMS is higher than pro or consumer line-level.   (There's no rule that you can go above "line level" on a line-level output and there are pro preamps that go over 10V, but it might be hard to find a high-output DAC.)
I admit that I don't know much about what is common. It is just that I remember when I was considering either the FiiO D03 or the D07 that people said the D03 had a lower line-level than the D07 with its 2 Vrms.

I thought I wouldn't mind it but a few years later it is bothering me that whenever I switch from CD or tuner to the D03 I always have to adjust volume as it is noticeably softer. That is why I thought 2 Vrms is what I should aim for.
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