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Validated News / Re: FFmpeg 7.0 "Dijkstra" released 2024-04-05
Last post by mycroft -
More ex-LibAV devs (but not all LibAV devs did this, this is the difference) infiltrated FFmpeg project not long ago, taking under control the CC and TC committee. Just take a look core FFmpeg developers now and core LibAV developers then.
Now that they took control they will force LibAV flawed policies into FFmpeg including also bugs and broken/misdesigned features and APIs.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_httpcontrol
Last post by regor -
The app in Android uses a different (+outdated) version than this one. BUT the version built for Android does have some extra commands, in particular the one which checks component version, not available on this one.

Therefore... it thinks the component is outdated (even if it is not), because the latest version doesn't output the version number.

All this has been documented here:,62218.msg1028836.html#msg1028836

In case the developer wants to add the missing commands, which would fix your problem too.
Validated News / Re: FFmpeg 7.0 "Dijkstra" released 2024-04-05
Last post by pr0m3th3u5 -
Its is fake news by former LibAV devs and similar ... that completely overtoke current "FFmpeg" project by force, also the performance just got worse with that "refactoring", specially with audio formats with small numbers of encoded/stored (raw or compressed) samples per single packet.

Is that really true... LibAV devs taking over FFMpeg development? LibAV  website lies abandoned for years now.. how did they manage that esp given their complaint that the guy who runs the whole thing is rather "opinionated"?
General - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar track comparison question
Last post by Marin30 -
Thank you once again. May you please link me a good article with the steps how to set up EAC? I have already installed it, I followed this artcile:, but when I got stuck at "Calibrate AccurateRip" section. I couldn't manage to appear that pop up or find it anywhere else.

From ;
If you have an older version of EAC or dBpoweramp installed, it’s likely AccurateRip was already configured and this may not appear.
...but I only compress to MP3 using LAME.  An alternative is to rip to WAV and then convert to FLAC afterwards.

Thank you, will have a look at this.
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: exhale - Open Source USAC encoder
Last post by Case -
I took a quick look at exhale sources and I don't see it doing anything to source WAV file channel order. If that's the case @john33 is absolutely correct and multichannel files encoded with it are quite broken, unless manually reordered to correct channel order.

@guruboolez - if this is the case, the component I linked above plays the channels in wrong order for valid files. I made it remap the library output based on exhale-created test files. That also explains why rear surround channel quality was so awful - it was encoded as LFE.

Edit: uploaded a new build that leaves channel order as it comes out from the decoder.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by DClaville -
Inside the buttons.update method, each button starts with...

Code: [Select]
this.buttons.BLAH = new _button(...

The first 4 values in the button definition are x, y, w,h

x is the left position, y is the top, w is width and h is... you can guess. :P

thank you got it to work but it only looks weird with more spacing your standard layout is already so perfect Cheers!  8)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_spectrum_analyzer
Last post by misio -
Getting off topic again, but I'd still like to see some specs explain where the idea came from to make RMS artifically match peaks. It's such a weird concept.
No, it is not a weird idea.
RMS+3 is used as standard RMS scale in every DAW, pro audio editor or stand alone meters like RTW. One can find it in DIGICheck by RME -> screenshot. Some VST plugins allow to chose the scale RMS/RMS+3

There is a very interesting topic, where you can find a lot of info why RMS+3 is so commonly used:
Please pay attention to Bob Katz's posts.

And maybe this help you more - AES17 / Standard method for digital audio engineering / Measurement of digital audio equipment:

Another off topic. Is it possible to fix built in Foobar RMS meter just to show values according to AES17 standard?

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / HTTP Control component issue
Last post by garciaj -
Hi everyone

I'm using foobar2000 v.2.1.3 [x86] and sometimes I'm using the remote control Pro for Android [Version from July 2016].
Everything works great but recently I've noticed the following message on my Android app:
"Last version of HTTP Control component needed. Please get it on" (Please see screenshot attached).
When I open the download link, there's a zip file name: foobar2000 controller [PC-side setup] v2.0.1, and when I starting the installation process, I see that the component's version is: 0.97.14 (screenshot attached), which is older version then the one installed on my foobar2000 software: 0.97.28 (I got it from here.

My questions are:

1. Why do I get this message?

2. Is there any other source or newer version for the HTTP Control component?

Thanks in advance

Other Lossy Codecs / Re: exhale - Open Source USAC encoder
Last post by john33 -
Note that exhale only knows channel map "6" from, and since exhale is primarily meant for mono and stereo (due to the above limitations of xHE-AAC decoders), I won't extend exhale's functionality here. MPEG-H Audio coding is more efficient for multichannel, anyway.

Understood, but without the source having the channels remapped, doesn't that make the multichannel encoding worse than useless in most cases?