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New Wiki Index

I have spent a couple of hours reading how to use this Plone thing and have made a couple of pages to start off a bare-bones index page as Dibrom suggested.

Any comments, criticism or additions would be welcome

I'm too shy to move it over the existing index page yet, so I'm waiting for an OK from higher up before then.
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New Wiki Index

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Nicely done, simple and clear.

One question, would Lossless Codecs be better as a main catagory ? (as there are a few of them) and it would free up the Other Codecs catagory for other stuff.

No WMA ?, hee hee, sorry couldn't resist   

New Wiki Index

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No WMA!!  Aaah, I knew I forgot something really basic

Thanks to JanS I have had a bit more luck formatting things, although Plone has to use the least intuitive sprawl of 'language' I've come across.  As a side note, is there any way to let people use HTML tags? (a is all I ask for)  It feels like a punishment having learnt html only to be forced to use ..that..

I was following the forum's layout for codecs, and Lossless is bundled up in the "Other" Category.  I think I'll call it "Lossless and Other" being as the lossless makes up >50% of the codecs included.
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New Wiki Index

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Is it fair to say I absolutely need html for every single link I write?  As long as you keep fixing my problems I guess I won't need to..
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New Wiki Index

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It says that Mp3 is Mpeg 3 Layer 1, instead of Mpeg 1 Layer 3.

edit:  and I would add Shorten to the list of Lossless codecs, just for the sake of completeness. 
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New Wiki Index

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Is it fair to say I absolutely need html for every single link I write?   As long as you keep fixing my problems I guess I won't need to..


We've picked a system, we need to stick with it.  Really, it's not that hard to learn restructured text.  It's even less difficult to use proper WikiNames.  I realize that some people may not like this, but it makes everything work together much better and it makes my job as an administrator significantly easier if we use a coherent and uniform system.

Edit:  About the actual index, I'll try and comment on it a little later when I'm done with classes.  I have some thoughts to add to the whole thing and maybe a few significant changes to make to the current setup which will have an effect on all of this.

Edit2:  Another problem I think with not using WikiNames or standard ZWiki linking formatting (such as using raw restructured text directives to form links) is that the Wiki doesn't understand the logical connection between the pages anymore.  This probably breaks both the Backlinks functionality and the Wiki-wide renaming system.


New Wiki Index

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Don't know if I missed the point of what kind of comments and criticism you wanted, but here goes:

1) I think this main category: Introduction & User Guides: should be more informative. Incorporate a work like "Audio", "Music" or something. At first I thought it was an introduction to the wiki and guides for using it or something. It's in the text right below, but when you try to get an overview you don't read every line, at least I don't.

2) More important, fonts are too big and everything takes up to much space. Some air between is generally a good thing, but too much of it makes it harder to read and to get an overview.

Just my first thoughts, overall it looks promising and I'm looking forward to a mature wiki.

New Wiki Index

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I have made the fact the first section is for audio a bit more noticable, changing the Introduction Guide to a 'New to Audio' Guide..

The problem with font sizes and whitespace I can't deal with.  Without using HTML (which I did in one place) there's no way to change the font, and  no matter how many empty lines I put in, the categories remain mashed up together, I need some help with the formatting, I guess there is a command?

It says that Mp3 is Mpeg 3 Layer 1, instead of Mpeg 1 Layer 3.


it's not that hard to learn restructured text

Hehe, is this using the guides given, or some other method?  I hit a brick wall every time I try an example from the guides and have to rely on JanS to bail me out.

Will using ReST formatting on links b0rk your operations as an admin, in edit2 I get the impression they are ok with regards to the zWiki operation, do they cause you extra hassle?

*edit.. gone*
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