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Media Library sorting question

Hi, I wanna sort my media library folder by Album Artist>Albums sorted by Date>Tracklist and I can do it pretty easily like this:

%<album artist>%|['['%date%']' ]%album%|[[%discnumber%.]%tracknumber%. ]%title%

However, I don't like how the second layer shows the year of the album on the library tree itself like this:
[2004] Album Here

What I wanna somehow achieve is to hide away the date section from the library view, yet still make it invisibly sort my albums by date, how would I do that? Thanks for the help.

Re: Media Library sorting question

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Hi there,

Not possible with the default Album List.

I would suggest to replace it with Library Tree (script for Spider Monkey Panel) which has far more options. Modify the "Album Artist" view pattern with $nodisplay like so -

Code: [Select]
%<album artist>%|$nodisplay{%date%}%album%|[[%discnumber%.]%tracknumber%. ]%title%

Edit: Curiously it will sort the tree correctly but not the playlist. Assuming you want the playlist contents sorted the same, you'll have to enter a 'Playlist sort order' in the Options > Behaviour tab such as -

Code: [Select]
%album artist%|%date%|%album%|%discnumber%|%tracknumber%|%title%



Re: Media Library sorting question

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Thank you so much, that worked!