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Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: Lossless codec comparison - part 3: CDDA (May '22)
Last post by Porcus -
So how much of the news is the change in corpus?
I guess that's hard to tell in general. I could have chosen to take the same corpus as last time to be able to compare, but that would propagate any advantages certain codecs have on certain material. I instead chose to make a 'fresh' start.

* Hm, since I am too lazy to check: Is the Revision 4 corpus a subset of the Revision 5, or did you also remove signals?

* Also, since I cannot check: the Pokémon album you have both as hi-res and as CDDA. Are they ... what we in music would speak of loosely as "the same mastering" (in that the difference would be very low volume if the 192 were carefully resampled to 44.1)? The results are a bit different between 192 and 44.1

* What was the recording chain of your diffuse sound fields recording? Is there any suspicion about that phenomenon "2" that TBeck points out in reply #12?

* I looked at the CDDA results the other day with fresh eyes, and there are some "unexpected" (well maybe not after Revision 4): In line with what you point out about where asymmetric codecs shine, it seems that the symmetric benefit at "denser" music. (Also that is how LA benefits vs OptimFROG?). But then at the most noisy, this Merzbow track fools the ape - and so also with the Merzbow album you included, although it isn't the least compressible in your corpus.
... it wouldn't be hard to visualize, if one is bothered to do the work: sort the albums by compressibility (say averaging some codecs at their max setting to order the signals) and present how TAK -p4m vs Monkey's Extra/Insane do against each other, say per decile/quartile. And what frog level it takes to beat them (and LA!).
Support - (fb2k) / Files located on NAS will not populate Album List
Last post by steve46 -
First... my installation has worked flawlessly for years. I don't know what has happened, maybe a Windows update, but both of my computers are not reading the music folder on my NAS. All the files show correctly in File Explorer, and I can even drag a subfolder over to a playlist in Foobar. When I try to add my music library path to my configuration, it will show "Initializing" forever. The console shows nothing of concern, but it indicates it's monitoring the library path. So... it is monitoring the library  path in the Console, and initializing in the Music Folders dialog.

I can't understand why the files are visible, and draggable/playable, but not available to add to my Foobar Album List/All Music. I have tried to check permissions, but have complete read/write ability, and no hidden folders.

More information: My server is a Buffalo Linkstation, with the music on an attached USB drive (WD MyBook). I dismounted the MyBook and attached it to one of my PCs on the network. I WAS able to add that path to my Foobar Library config, and it worked as expected. That leads me to suspect settings in the Linkstation. I have tried turning UPnP and DNLA off together and separately, with no changes. I currently have them both On. I have SMB1 active on my Win10 computers.

I sure hope someone can steer me to what I'm overlooking. It's been driving me nuts for weeks!

Thanks for listening.
General Audio / Convert Foobar playlist to YouTube playlist
Last post by Hollowcow -
I have huge playlist in foobar2000 which I done through the years.
Is there a way to automatically convert it to a YouTube playlist?
So I can listen to it via the YouTube app everywhere?
I want it to be the same order of tracks.

CD Hardware/Software / How to clean CD?
Last post by gagorial -

Do you know how to clean an CD properly?

I recovery some problematics CDs that don't pass Accurate RIP or PureRead 4+ can't recovery information with the following method:

  • I rinse the disc for remove dust,
  • I wash by hand with clean kitchen liquid soap directly from bottle and clean gloves for wash dishes,
  • I rinse the disk
  • I dry with a clean rag for eyeglasses since center to external borders
  • I repeat the dry method with other dry and clean rag for eyeglasses.

But sometimes I got scratched my CD.

I see that someone use ultrasonic cleaner but I guess that my problem is when I dry my CD. I tried dry my CD with a blower but I get stains on it.

I dry and shake my rags for eyeglasses before I keep these in a plastic zip bag.

Site Related Discussion / Re: Pop up ads?
Last post by Kamedo2 -
We can ban potentially unwanted external script loading by setting a Content-Security-Policy header.
This will add an extra safety, mitigating some typical XSS attacks if attackers could somehow inject some malicious <script> tags somewhere in this site.
We obviously need external image loading though, because many users legitimately post their images from their own host.
If the server is Apache, we can probably write .htaccess like this below:
Code: [Select]
Header always set Content-Security-Policy "default-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline'; script-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval'; img-src 'self' * data: ;" 
If you ever need Google Fonts:
Code: [Select]
Header always set Content-Security-Policy "default-src 'self'; style-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline'; font-src; script-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval'; img-src 'self' * data: ;"
Vinyl / Re: Play vinyl records: always is with clicks, pops, and other noises?
Last post by DVDdoug -
or weird  methods with white glue

Back in the vinyl days I used DISCO FILM which is easier to use than white glue.  (In those days it was available in the U.S.)    It's a gel and there's a applicator sponge attached to the bottle.   It dries like thick-dense Jell-o and peels off easily.  It also peels of the label without damage if you accidently get some on the label.   It's not expensive like some cleaning machines and it seemed to do a very good job. 

I've seen at least on similar product the might be more available.

I also had (still have) a discwasher for everyday cleaning.    EVERYBODY had one!   It looks like it's no longer in production but there are similar cleaners.
General Audio / Re: How to listen my image+cue folders (Windows) as tracks on my audio receiver?
Last post by SimBun -
The problem with %directoryname% is that I'll have both images and tracks, and will double my disk space. Is there any way to automatically delete original images?
I don't think the application supports that, and I'm not sure I'd be comfortable to use it across a big collection even if it did.

It supports being called via the command line so I guess you could put a basic script together to:
identify files to be split (not the ones that already tracks)
CUETools.exe /Encode
check status
del old files

This assumes you have a backup of course.

I prefer to script in bash otherwise I would have put something together.
General - (fb2k) / Re: How to save configuration so I can try out new themes/plugins and revert?
Last post by anamorphic -
Portable install is how you should be checking out other themes anyway (usually), so that makes the most sense. The instructions for most themes recommend using a fresh portable install. This is best since they install a lot of files to user profile folder, and there is no easy uninstall, better to keep it separate.

However when it comes time to update your own config with whatever you can "borrow" from other themes, export your config to a save file first - Preferences > Display > Default UI / Columns UI > Export... button. You can then experiment with making changes. Use the Import button to restore the saved config if needed.

Edit: I should add, this is not a complete backup. It saves the theme, not any preferences or components you might change. It is wise to have a complete backup as well - [hold Shift key] > File > Browse Configuration Folder - backup this entire profile folder. (It includes all installed components, preferences, playlists, library database, playback stats, etc)

This profile folder is what you would copy over to a new computer or installation.