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Support - (fb2k) / Re: Conversion failed: File is already in use
Last post by pikashi -
I also got another problem about "file in use" in foobar2000 with Google Backup and Sync. When a file is syncing in Backup and Sync tool, I can edit it with WinRAR (if it's a .rar package) or rename it (in Explorer or use Foobar2000's rename util), but if I edit the tags of it or attach images in Foobar2000, the "file in use" warning comes.
General - (fb2k) / Help with DAC / DSD and Foobar
Last post by s25a -
Hi all,

I have purchased some parts from DIY in HK and built everything. In Detail it is
- Isolated XMOS 768 USB PCB:
- AK4497 DAC (with specific firmware for the Isolated XMOS
- OLED Display.

It was pretty easy to setup and everything is working except DSD512. I have tried almost everything and I am already in contact with the support team. However they just say it should work. I have made a screen cast and uploaded on my one drive.!Al2Cg0XrL0I-grdkngQ1eetlZaPaSQ

Can you please have a look and help with it?  Thanks a lot in advance and have a great day

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Waveform Minibar (mod)
Last post by grimes -
I want to report a bug.
In Preferences | Display | Columns UI | Colours and Fonts | Colours is in the Element dropdown list an random entry showing up twice. This is, because the component Waveform Minibar (mod) is not returning a name and one of the existing names ends up getting reused instead.
See the complete discussion on GitHub reupen/columns_ui, Issue #137.
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