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Support - (fb2k) / Re: %CONTENT GROUP% mapping error
Last post by thomian -
These are the fields currently remapped between fb2k (former) and Vorbis Comments (latter). At some point of time foobar2000 did pass unchanged metadata to Vorbis Comments, but that was a long, long time ago. The CONTENT GROUP part is the only recent addition here.

Ah, thanks for clarifying. I did'nt know that. Sorry for misinformation. It's been a while since I checked that. Actually, the support for "unchanged vorbis comments" was one of the reasons, why I once decided to use foobar, a long, long time ago...  ;)

Anyway, that doesn't change my issue, that a mapping of the different tags to %grouping% seems to be a better solution.
I've been into this tagging business for decades now, evaluating and checking behaviour of dozens of different software. And believe me, nearly all software translates TIT1 to grouping and not to content group.

Here just some examples: iTunes shows this field as grouping. Mediamonkey calls it Grouping. MusicBee calls it grouping. JRiver calls this field Grouping. And also Tag & Rename shows this field as Grouping... I deleted WinAmp from my system, so I couldn't check that, but I remember it mapping to grouping, too...

Solely MP3tag maps the tags of MP3/MP4/WMA to CONTENTGROUP, whereas APE and Vorbis are not mapped by this software and appear "unchanged" as GROUPING, or whatever you'll call them.

The term Content group description is a very abstract term that stems from the ID3tag documentation for the description of the TIT1 field. It is the first and highest level of title information that names a group of more than one files. The abbreviation Content group misses the information that it's about title naming (=description), and therefore leads to misinterpretations. By the way, in this document also the TIT2 field is abstractly called Content description, but most software translates to Title. And the TIT3 field is named Decription Refinement, that most software maps to Subtitle.

Moreover %grouping% is shorter, which I'd prefer for the use in titleformatting scripts. And %grouping% would match directly with the spelling of the corresponding Vorbis comments and APE tags.

Maybe, I am biased in my thinking, but I can't think of any argument, why this variable should be called %content description%.

To my eyes and my personal taste, %grouping% is much more easy, clear, comprehensive, practicable, comparable and beautiful than %content group%. It matches the use in other software and the spelling of Vorbis and APE tags, and therefore is the way to go.

I appreciate the mapping of this field in foobar. This field has been disregarded by most of the music software for a long time. Classical music lovers are able to tell a thing or two about this issue. And I can also live with the %content group% solution. But if I were asked to carefully select a variable name for this field, I'd choose %grouping%.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Autosave & Autobackup (foo_jesus)
Last post by tipar -
I do not know if it is a bug or whatever but;

after five days of trying and waiting I have come to the conclusion that this component is causing:

deletions of the cover art of the first file in random folders

I installed several components lately and after removing all of them and leaving this one for the last after installing one by one again, the problem has not appeared when I had this one left to install. That is why I think the problem is for this particular component.

Apart from that, the component is somehow confusing because I do not know exactly what does exactly backup and how can I restore the backups. I know the instructions are probably here but since I will uninstall it for good I will not check it anyways.

CUETools / Re: Manually fixing a rip offset
Last post by blurry_light -
I want the tracks to be perfectly cut where they should be.

(to illustrate, you know, when starting a track you hear some "click" from the previous track...)

I'm not quite sure a simple offset would introduce such artefacts in an otherwise completely perfectly ripped audio CD . To wit, note that when different batches of what is supposedly the same CD are pressed at different locations or at different times, quite often the different pressings are offset with respect to each other but are otherwise identical, so your case is analogous to such a situation.

EDIT: clarification.
CUETools / Re: Manually fixing a rip offset
Last post by korth -
Why bother fixing the offset? CTDB doesn't need the offset and you say the rip is "not present in the AccurateRip database" so what do you expect to gain?
You can verify a rip in the AccurateRip database at an offset by entering the value in that "Extra > Offset" box without modifying files.

You would enter 48.
Scientific Discussion / Re: Help me understand why sound is one dimensional
Last post by pelmazo -
If we don't distinguish between the two, audiophile-land can be very confusing, and is probably a major reason for all of the 'audio-religion', and wine-tasting-esque descriptions of audio out there.  There are real technical descriptions available, but until the idea of SOUND and HEARING are seperated, then a lot of people are going to stay confused, but not know it.

Quite. In my view, the inability (and unwillingness) to acknowledge the role of one's own brain in what they perceive, is among the most prominent reasons for their cluelessnes. It is getting fuelled by the pervasive style of gear reviews, where the item that is reviewed is being put into the active position. Anything that people allegedly hear is said to be the "work" of the item tested. In this manner, even benign pieces of kit like connectors have a "sonic signature", affect spatial perception in mysterious ways (i.e. put instruments in certain places), and such hogwash. It is basically a projection. Something that is a function of one's brain is projected onto a piece of kit.

In theory, if people were responsible and rational, they would judge their gear according to what it does to the signal, not what it does to the hearing. But it would require a level of technical sophistication in the audience that is just unrealistic.
Off-Topic / Re: Just doing my part: Trump is an idiot
Last post by blurry_light -
I don't follow politics very much, but during these moments i take it as an exercise for my own mind.

Remember when everyone was hating bush, and he was reelected for second term? yep.

I guess the majority or people voted for him. This just strengthens my point that the majority of people are idiots. Not just the US, but globally.

This is a moot point, given that

1: The first time Bush won, the majority of people didn't vote for him, so who knows how the second 2004 election would have turned out had Gore been elected in 2000;
2: Trump didn't secure the popular vote either.

So, no, sorry, your argument doesn't work here.

When you look at other countries/regions, the people put in charge, sometimes it boggles the mind same as with US.

But then there's the other side. What if, just what if trump is testing the system for what he can get away with? Sure, you can call him an idiot, but he's a successful business man, so he did something right, at least in the past. 'Right' being debatable and another topic in and of itself, the shady business practices, capitalism and all. Still. He is considered successful in the current state of our world.

So he must not be a complete idiot. Maybe for him it's just a game. He achieved the highest possible position in the country, possibly the world, with the US military power.

*clears throat* I don't know about you, but if someone's legal affairs are numerous and prominent enough to be a lengthy Wikipedia article, I'd say much of what you claim here is questionable at best.

Or maybe it's just me overthinking it.

Yes, I do really think it's this.
CUETools / Manually fixing a rip offset
Last post by BigBertrand -
I have a rip (one file per track), with the corresponding EAC log, and the drive offset hadn't been configured...
Thus, I would like to manually fix the offset of this rip, using CueTools.

The rip is found in CTDB, but not in AccurateRip (whether offsetted or not).
So, I won't be able to check if I fixed the offset in "the good direction".

The drive is a Pionner DVR-109, according to online databases, drive offset is +48.
I know the procedure is to do "Action > Encode (dropdown Default)", manually inputting the offset in "Extra > Offset".

Finally, here's my question is: should I put -48 or +48 in the box?
Audio Hardware / Active setup help and recommendations
Last post by patate91 -
I would like to swtich to an active setup. After reading It looks like that I don't have ideal speakers to do it.

My speakers are :

Horn loaded compression driver : TAD TD-4002, 110db/w
Woofer : TAD TL-1603, 97db/W

I would like to use a MiniDSP 2x4 HD as a crossover and small room corrections. Note that I'm working a lot on my room treatment so, EQ will be minimal.

The gain structure seems to cause problem with high sensitivity components. If I understand correctly a preamp would be a good thing to level match drivers and woofers.

Source -> miniDSP -> preamp -> power amps ->speakers.

As always budget is thight. And I have on hand and planned to use :

Pioneer SA-9900 with pre-out 2V/main-in
Luxman r-114 also with pre-out ?V/main-in
*Pioneer A-09 integrated class A amp that I really like but no pre-out/main-in.....

My idea was :

SA-9900 preamp -> miniDSP -> sa-9900 amp --> woofers/luxman amp -> drivers.

Again if I understand correctly does this setup will cause level/gain mismatch issue?

New plan :

SA-9900 preamp or usb dac, optical CD player -> miniDSP --> Unknown preamp* -> sa-9900 amp --> woofers/luxman amp -> drivers.

* This where I need recommendations. Can I use the luxman active preamp? Do I need a passive preamp? What would be the best solution to keep noise, distorsion as low as possible with a low cost.

At this point I'm wondering if an integrated amp would get the job done.

Source -> miniDSP -> S-9900 power amp -> woofers
                                       A-09 integrated -> drivers



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