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Here's a selected 30 seconds of the file used to perform the analysis shown above
Now with more track_property_provider
This looks very useful. Is there a way to make the custom fields/values appear in the Properties dialog on the Details tab.
MP3 should be good enough, what compression settings are you using? If it's muffled, then maybe you're accidentally compressing to 32kbit or lower.
As there appears to be a hiatus in receiving the eagerly awaited file i'll fill the void with my trivia. My first experience with vinyl was when my two years older brother bought a second hand Dansette Delux player which then necessitated buying the medium. It was great and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it was only in later years that I purchase a better system made of a single brand of separate components including a deck. The speaker cabinets which I still own but don't use were in kit form but as my partner at the time worked for Philips the makers, they took it upon themselves to assemble them for me. At first I got real pleasure from this far and away "improved" sound but after a while I became irritated with the pops and crackles even after handling the records with care. When a friend demonstrated the first cd player I had seen it blew me away with the versatility and ease of use. There was also a cassette deck but I cannot remember purchasing a single prerecorded tape and the process of copying to tape did my head in mostly. I have a pile of vinyl in the wardrobe which is never used, a deck which is never used and cannot think why it ever will. When I visit a couple of friends with vinyl I love to listen, the sound is great but the effort going into preserving and playing it is in my view insane not to mention the cost, but they love it. It reminds me of when I bought my first fishing rod, fibreglass rods were available but I went for the split cane version it just looked a whole lot better to me I was about 12.
My experience is similar, starting off on much the same player. I graduated to a second-hand Thorens TD150 (still have it) and better gear later on and bought vinyl because there was nothing better back then. I also embraced the CD, both for convenience and for sound quality, as soon as the stuff became affordable.

Over the years, I've heard probably thousands of LPs and singles, played on dozens of different systems and I don't think I've ever heard a whole record tick and pop-free, whether new, cleaned, cared-for or any other possibility.

I'll call BS on the "stable pre-amp" theory, it doesn't stand up to logic or evidence. The implication of it would be that every pre-amp I've ever heard was UNstable. Now, I'm happy to accept that some audio gear was (and is) of dubious design and I've certainly heard some of it but to suggest that most designers don't understand the concepts and manage to produce unstable designs seems rather unlikely. Furthermore, such instability would probably have to be borderline in all cases to "set off the instabilities", as claimed, rather than just oscillate continuously.

I'd also call BS on the idea of testing stability with a 5W transmitter nearby and the covers off. A phono pre-amp is, of necessity, a sensitive bit of gear and I'd lay money on 5W of RF worming its way into even the most careful of designs.

I think the call for a couple of minutes of tick and pop-free sample is excessively lenient. I'm reasonably confident, with judicious choices, I could find some amongst my LP recordings (which are not lossless format). A whole side? No chance! Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence (Carl Sagan), so let's have a whole LP side, at least.
I made a new foo_sample module implementing a simple rating database, just add this .cpp file to foo_sample project.
The next SDK update will include this.
I hope this helps.
I opbtained an allegedly exceptionally clean needle drop that was brought forward by a LP advocate. (Supertramp, "Give A Little Bit")

In an earlier analysis, there were unmistakable artifacts of a 48 KHz digital encoding step that were visible during a 0.5 second quiet time at the beginning of the track. The question then becomes at what step in the process did the digitization happen?

I realized that if the digital artifacts were masked by LP nonlinear distortion artifacts, then that would be solid evidence that a 48 KHz digitization step that happened during production was the source of these digital artifacts.

So, to clarify the situation, I did an analysis of one of the loud passages on the LP.

The attachment shows the digital artifacts as a green line, which being very small are most obvious during the brief (0.5 second) silence at the beginning of the track. 

The red line represents the analysis of the loud passage. 

Since the digital artifacts are totally masked during the loud passage, the 48 KHz digitization happened during production, and not after the LP was played.  

Because the master was digitized at 48 KHz, anything in the plot above 24 KHz during the loud passage is an artifact of the LP process. I believe that this sheds some light on reports of > 20 KHz signals on LPs: They are likely artifacts of nonlinier distortion, and exist even when all audio signals > 20 KHz are forcably removed from the audio signal.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by marc2003 -
Edit - Looks like the component always needed 1.3.

Well it was released over 3 years ago and my component has only been around for 2 years. :/

What is the name of the global context in JScript Panel? I have been trying to use it alongside Webpack. I can make it work with a few hacks but if I can just straight up access the global variable I would take it.

Sorry, I have no idea. I guess looking up windows script host would be your best bet.
Uploads - (fb2k) / Re: foo_converter.dll.cfg
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1) That depends on the encoder, it's straight from the old to the new format or convert to .wav then to the new format, in the same output folder.

2) I only added 64 mono, 128 stereo and 320 stereo in CBR, I don't see the need for other CBR presets. Which ones do you use/need? For voice? Isn't 128 enough? I think 64 mono is plenty good for voice, let me know.
for voice mostly ,seeing opus is not supported by every devices