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Title: Skin request!
Post by: /\/ephaestous on 2003-04-19 23:58:22
Oh. well just for us, the ones on dialup, could you please add this skin to HA:
IBP Lite (http://skins.ibplanet.com/index.php?act=view&id=187)

It's basically the same default without most of the graphics.

Title: Skin request!
Post by: rjamorim on 2003-04-20 18:55:25
If you use Opera, you can switch on/off the "Only show images from cache" button. This way, you will only have to load them once.

Some avatars and flags might not appear, but I reckon that's not a serious issue.

And if there's a pic you badly want to see, do right click -> Show image

Works very well for me when I'm at Dial-up.
Title: Skin request!
Post by: /\/ephaestous on 2003-04-20 18:59:45
hmmm.. I use Phoenix. Tried Opera and hated it.
Title: Skin request!
Post by: JohnV on 2003-04-21 04:42:48
Ok, I added this text skin. I think it still needs some tweaking though. I'll tweak it a bit later.
Also remember that when we update to ipb 1.2 in the future, we may not be able to offer every feature, like this text skin (since the skinning system changes in 1.2) immediately...

I also removed the Skytus skin since only 4 people were using it (it takes increasinly more work if the skin count rises to update every skin set template when some common modification to the templates is needed).
Title: Skin request!
Post by: /\/ephaestous on 2003-04-21 06:15:14
That's just lovely, Thanks JohnV
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