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Any way to change the Track # format in tags?

I love CUETools and have been using it for as long as I can remember messing with image files.  I also am picky about my tags so I keep my constantly updated CTDB backed up so I can move to a new machine easily.  I manually update the info before processing so my tags display the info I want how I want.

The only thing I don't like about the tags when they are written is the album artist field is blank and the track number is displayed 01/12 etc, which I hate.  I just want it to be 01, is this possible?

Re: Any way to change the Track # format in tags?

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AlbumArtist is only written as a tag when there are various track artists.
The track number tag, are you referring to ID3? (I believe) the tracktotal field would need to be empty. TRCK is written tracknumber/tracktotal.
For example if you were converting from FLAC tracks to MP3 tracks. If the TRACKNUMBER tag exists in the FLAC file but the TOTALTRACKS tag does not, it is possible to have CUETools write the TRCK tag in the MP3 file with just the track number.

Re: Any way to change the Track # format in tags?

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I just use Tag&Rename (the best tag editor ever) to simply replace the track number in the FLAC file, it's one click.  I have a custom mask that allows me to do this quickly.  Not a biggie since I always look at my tags anyway to make sure there are no mistakes so it really isn't much of an extra step  And I can set Tag&Rename to write to the album artist field also if it's empty so that gets taken care of on the same click so not really an issue either.