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General Audio / Re: Standard freqnecy content in high resolution containers?
Last post by DVDdoug -
I am wondering if there is any point in having "standard" frequency audio content in a high resolution containers.

By standard frequency: I am thinking of any thing that could be stored in standard CD resolution, or yet that can be heard ... so frequencies up to 22.05 kHz.

There's no point in ultrasonic frequencies in any audio file, no matter the format.  For audio you only need audio frequencies. ;)  

And there's the possibility of negative side effects with ultrasonic (or subsonic) frequencies but it's usually not a problem.
FLAC / Re: FLAC v1.4.x Performance Tests
Last post by Porcus -
30-ish GB of decoded HDCD rips. Yeah I know I shouldn't have made that irreversible mistake fifteen years ago, but here we are.
So these are effectively 17-ish bits in 24 bit container - 95 percent of the tracks have a peak less than .8 scanned with oversampling.

* Why test these? Just to see whether there are any surprises with slightly unusual signals.
* Were there any? Not really. -4 isn't particularly good; I have earlier on questioned whether -5 is really much of an improvement over -4, but here it is. Anyway, that question has probably not made any great impact, I mean who uses -4?

What I did was to re-encode FLAC files (with overwrite) on an SSD. That is why I quote the times per encoded gigabyte. "142" means reference FLAC 1.4.2 Win64, 134 means 1.3.4 Win64, both Xiph builds.
Numbers then. Size relative to 1.4.2 -5, then setting, then comment with time taken. Sizes are file sizes, with tags and default padding.

+1.574%   142-4   ~25 sec per GB (encoded GB).
+0.119%   134-5 
ref.point   142-5   ~30 sec/GB. 31 808 619 711 bytes
-0.255%   134-7 
-0.306%   134-8 
-0.347%   142-7  ~37 sec/GB.
-0.397%   142-8  ~1 minute/GB.
-0.399%   134-8p
-0.412%   142-8e   ~3 minutes/GB.
-0.428%   142-"all the sevens but no p" (see below) - also ~3 minutes/GB.
-0.461%   134-8pe ~20 min/GB.
-0.480%   142-8p 2min40s/GB.
-0.507%   142-8pe Also in the ~20min/GB ballpark
-0.514%   142-"-p all the sevens", about the same time as -8pe

That "all the sevens" - and why not "8"? It is not because it is good! It is because I wanted to come up with a command that was easy to remember, takes about as much time as "-e" and outcompresses -e. Supporting the claim that "-e" should not be used on typical music with normal resolutions: if you are even willing to wait for -e, then there are better things around. (It is known that -e still has something for it on higher sampling rates, potentially.)
The actual option line is -7r7 -A "flattop;gauss(7e-2);tukey(7e-1);subdivide_tukey(7)" with an additional "-p" for the last line. And a -f to overwrite, but that goes for everything.
For those who ask "why -7 and not -8"? It wouldn't make any difference, -8 is -7 with a different (and heavier) "-A", and the moment I write "-A" here I override that by specifying yet a different (and heavier!!) -A.

Did you really type "flatopp"?
Damn, only one way to find out, and that is not done in two minutes ...
Here I made sure to get it right!  O:)

But anyway, bottom line is what we knew, 1.4.x improves, and -e does not deliver at these resolutions. -p is nearly as expensive, but much better
General - (fb2k) / Re: ReFacets
Last post by Erich_2 -
My folders on the SSD are sorted by C:\Music - MusicType - RoughGenre - Artist - Album - Title.
in MediaLibrary: C:\Users\MyNAME\Music\MusicType\

RoughGenre is AustoPop, BluesRock, Rock, Country, Guitar, Jazz, Klassik, R&B and so on.

In Facets I used Folder = $directory(%path%)
I use two ore sometimes three times „Folder“ and then Album and so on...
The first 2 (or even 3) columns work perfectly with my folder structure: (Just like on SSD)

Till beta 26 ReFacets Folder = $directory(%path%) didn’t work anymore
I used Folders with „SpecialFolder“ as a workaround:
SpecialFolder = $directory(%path%,$sub($len(%path%),$len($replace(%path%,\,,|,,/,)),N))
N= 2,3,4,5,6 or 7

But in ReFacets (beta 27 and 28)
is „Folder“ a total disaster:  (Folder = $directory(%path%)

My special Workaround  SpecialFolder = $directory(%path%,$sub($len(%path%),$len($replace(%path%,\,,|,,/,)),N))
doesn’t work anymore, shows pointless or a mix of folders and albums.

What’s going on with ReFacets when using Folders?
And yes, simple Genre - Artist - Album - etc. works.
But I don‘t want to see 1000 Genres with special-SubGenres  in the first Column!!!

I went back to Facets.


General - (fb2k) / Re: Storing/restoring EQ settings on a song-per-song basis
Last post by wcs13 -
Hi guys :) I had lost track of this topic. Since nobody seemed interested at the time, I had stopped reading it.

@marc2k3 , I'm really glad you came up with a solution. It seems like requesting it at Christmas was a good idea after all  :P

That is exactly what many of us were looking for. It's of course up to you to share it or not. Just let us know! :D
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist Organizer (aka foo_plorg) replacement on Jscript Panel 3
Last post by etip -
ok, i should have specified it but the size and style is not affected, only the font name will change.
You can however change size in the panel as well as the style (only for folder).
Frankly, i dont know what's happening as it works ok for me. i cant help but notice a playlist which is an icon (the magnifyer icon). Can you try to rename it to a text ?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist Organizer (aka foo_plorg) replacement on Jscript Panel 3
Last post by etip -
do you use the default User Interface (DUI) or the Custom User Interface (CUI) ?
On CUI (my foobar), it is :
then choose custom to change font:
Click the "change" button and choose a font. When you click ok on that same window, the panel should update as it is a callback i'm using (on_font_changed)

This example is about the font change of the label item ie on the panel the folder, using CUI.


General Audio / Re: Standard freqnecy content in high resolution containers?
Last post by cid42 -
Second reason why I am wondering is a parellel with image refresh rate.
Human eye is supposed to see up to 10~12 images per seconds (ips) < 24 ips is standard in cinema < but we can perceive a difference in contents shot at 50 or 60 ips (the fact that some people like it or not is not the point here) < some gamers claim they can see the benefit of monitor with refresh rates as high as 120 or 240 Hz.
(Maybe this parallel has some limitation since audio and images are different?)

Do high resolution enable more accurate sound or something like that?
Beyond 60-100FPS which is where most people seem to cap out visually the main benefit is reduced input latency, which is why professional gamers increase FPS to 300+ if they can regardless of the refresh rate of the monitor. Passively watching a screen and actively playing a game are very different things.

As for the image refresh rate analogy ... whether the following is relevant or not: isn't monitor refresh rate "fixed"? Typically, an audio DAC will have to detect whether it receives samples at a 44100 rate or at a 48000 rate, and adjust.
Variable refresh rate has existed on PC for years (freesync, adaptive-sync), similar possibly renamed tech is now in consoles so in a decade or so it should be common in TVs too. Instead of 60Hz say you have an output range of something like 40-60Hz which eliminates screen tearing if you can stay in the range. Different monitors have different ranges etc. I'm assuming video output is simplified by outputting each frame of 23.97FPS content twice so the monitor runs at 47.96Hz instead of having to do interpolation magic, haven't looked too deeply at it.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist Organizer (aka foo_plorg) replacement on Jscript Panel 3
Last post by iridescentaudio -
No longer getting a crash so that's good, but I'm still not having a lot of success.

I've established that the Folder font is "Common (Labels)" - changing the font to something else works fine, but changing the font style or size doesn't do anything, regardless of which font I use.
As for the Playlists font, I figure it should be "Common (list items)"? Changing that makes no difference at all. I tried all the other "items" fonts too and none of them do anything. I am not sure what font is currently being displayed in my interface, but it's definitely not the one I chose.