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I'm going to keep this thread as sequential as possible to increase understanding and therefore help you help me. If you want to skip the story, head to Section 2.

Section 1

I get WAV files of the Church Sermons from my church and bring it to home. My end goal? Upload to Bandcamp. Problem! 291 MB per file (must be WAV, AIFF, or FLAC). I prefer FLAC.

The WAV file is ready to be converted to FLAC but it is very quiet so, using Format Factory, I increase the volume to 999% (software limit) and continue with the conversion, doing math to calculate the highest bitrate possible that will still get me under or at 291 MB. Problem! File is way bigger than 291 MB! I remove the volume increase and it's a little bit lower but not by much.

Temporary solution! I convert the WAV to an MP3 with the same volume boost and then convert the MP3 to FLAC. Ok, it's solved, but the audio quality on some of them is very muffled and very poor. So, I've managed to increase the audio quality a bit, but I'm running into bigger WAVs and it's getting really hard.

Section 2

What I am looking for is an audio conversion software that will let me do the following in one fowl swoop!
  • Convert WAV to FLAC
  • Increase Volume
  • Set File Size Limit, so it's never above 291 MB

Thank you very much and Merry Christmas!

I've used fre:ac, Format Factory, and AVS products. I'm guessing my answer will be a command-line process in ffmpeg
Maybe you need that foo_dynamic_range plugin installed? You haven't mentioned if you did.
If you did - maybe you have too many plugins added to foobar and you have reached TLS slot limit (128 dll's per app)? If yes then certain plugins may not be loaded even if they are listed in Preferences.

Effciency : n0

Motor force : Bl
Measured in tesla-metres (T·m). Technically this is B×l or B×l sin(θ) (a vector cross product), but the standard geometry of a circular coil in an annular voice coil gap gives sin(θ)=1. B×l is also known as the 'force factor' because the force on the coil imposed by the magnet is B×l multiplied by the current through the coil. The higher the B×l value, the larger the force generated by a given current flowing through the voice coil. B×l has a very strong effect on Qes.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
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What is the name of the global context in JScript Panel? I have been trying to use it alongside Webpack. I can make it work with a few hacks but if I can just straight up access the global variable I would take it.
Yes, but if your files don't have sufficient padding to accomodate the lyrics, it's basically rewriting the entire file, since the tag is in the header, not the footer of the file. So it's reading the entire file and rewriting a temporary file, then replacing the original with the newly written file.
Uploads - (fb2k) / Re: foo_converter.dll.cfg
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1) That depends on the encoder, it's straight from the old to the new format or convert to .wav then to the new format, in the same output folder.

2) I only added 64 mono, 128 stereo and 320 stereo in CBR, I don't see the need for other CBR presets. Which ones do you use/need? For voice? Isn't 128 enough? I think 64 mono is plenty good for voice, let me know.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_scrobble
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I'm not paranoid. I've gotten false positives for my own work, which all magically went away for that two year period where I paid the Authenticode Cartel for a certificate. $26 for notary public services, to verify my two forms of ID, and $475 to Thawte, bought a handful of people peace of mind. I still think it was a waste, though.
I was responding to @Atmasphere , who uploaded their FLAC, but the post is somehow in the deleted posts bin, along with the attachment.
MP3 - General / Backing up your mp3 music collection
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If you looking at ways to backup your mp3 music collection you can use PoQStacker (from The instructions do this:-

1) Scan your music into the library (this will be the “Source”).

2) From the menu select Library > Library Tools > Sync Library. It should default to the source above, if not, select it as the source.

3) When prompted for the Destination, press Add, and navigate to where you want to put the Backup. Press Done.

4) Choose if just want mp3 file or all files in the Source library folder to be backed-up.

The backup process will only copy those files changed or don’t exist in the destination.

In some music collections, you can mistakenly have multiple copies of tracks and albums, hidden in a maze of nested folders... During the backup operation PoQStacker will detect this and give you a bunch of options.

Well I have to set foobar to 12000ms just to update tags for a FLAC on my NAS to avoid it skipping back and forward. All I'm doing is adding a Lyrics field and pasting them in there, no probs on the SSD, seems a bit weird cos the NAS isn't exactly slow. Maybe updating things over a network location could be optimized.