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Topic: EAC - Beeps: I used to hear more than one beep (Read 663 times) previous topic - next topic
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EAC - Beeps: I used to hear more than one beep

Hello again!

Back in time, I used to hear EAC issuing one beep, and a last double-beep for an extraction complete. Now I am getting just one beep. Am I missing something here, like a configuration setting, or was this setting removed from new versions in EAC?


Re: EAC - Beeps: I used to hear more than one beep

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Korth, thanks. I must be getting old. That was a 3 year thread. I think I took a break from ripping CDs and now I'm having a hard time catching up with things. That's right. And that option is still there with a text saying that using this flag could result in some problems I faced in the past.