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Case-Sensitivity Bug in Album List Filter

I recently stumbled upon a bug in the Album List's filter. Capital letters on words seem to make the search case-sensitive. Here's what happened. I searched for

Southern Culture On The Skids

It returned all three albums I have by SCOTS, but for the album "The Electric Pinecones" it only returned one song, "Waiting On You." When I replaced the search with

southern culture on the skids

I got all three albums and all 12 songs from "The Electric Pinecones." The difference is that for two of the albums I used "Southern Culture On The Skids" for the artist name and for "The Electric Pinecones" I used "Southern Culture on the Skids" (blame freedb and laziness on my part for not being consistent). 

At first I thought that this might be limited to only capital O's, but I've since determined it is any capital letter. I determined this by creating two dummy files

My only regret.mp3
My Only Regret (take 2).mp3

Searching for "my only regret" returns both files. Searching for "my Only regret" or "my only Regret" only returns the latter file (all searches without quotation marks).

If the search is truly case-insensitive, all of these searches should be equivalent.

I'm running foobar2000 v1.6.6 on Windows 10 Home.

Re: Case-Sensitivity Bug in Album List Filter

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You have asymmetric search switched on. Preferences->Advanced, search for "search".

Asymmetric search means that "motorhead" will return everything with "Motörhead" but not the other way around. If you want more hits, use minuscules. If you want more precision, type precisely.
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Re: Case-Sensitivity Bug in Album List Filter

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Thank you! I had no idea about asymmetric search, or whether I checked the box or if it is checked by default. So many moving parts in foobar! :)

I normally would have typed the search using all lowercase letters, but in this case I did a cut and paste from the Selection Properties window to the filter box (which I often do).

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