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Title: Copy full lyrics to clipboard?
Post by: Anakunda on 2021-06-13 05:04:14

having that issue. I've set %LYRICS% as a part of copy formula. A track having lyrics attached shows it in full form if opening track properties, then opening full edit for Lyrics tag. But if I Ctrl-C the track and paste the text in text window, I see only dot sign (placeholder) where the lyrics literally shall show. So I've assumed it can be configured via LargeFieldsConfig.txt.
I changed fieldSpam=lyrics, fieldSpam=unsynced lyrics to fieldBasic=lyrics, fieldBasic=unsynced lyrics, restarted fb2k, but the dot placeholder is still present. The question is how do I achieve real metadata to copy, if possible not by caching the long field in database (always read the %lyrics% value from file tag).
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