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Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: TAK 2.3.1 Beta 1
Last post by CoRoNe -
- Replaced MMX with SSE2 assembly.
Code: [Select]
CHKCPU32.exe /V | find "extensions"
 Instr set extensions: MMX, 3DNow!, SSE
Code: [Select]
Takc_2.3.0.exe -te -pMax test_sample.wav
test_sample.wav ..........  42.41%   15*

Compression:     42.41 %
Duration:       160.63 sec
Speed:           15.24 * real time

Takc_2.3.1b1.exe -te -pMax test_sample.wav
test_sample.wav ..........  42.41%    5*

Compression:     42.41 %
Duration:       453.33 sec
Speed:            5.40 * real time
Polls / Re: 2018 Format poll [Lossy Formats]
Last post by eahm -
I don't really use any lossy codec on a regular basis. I only use FLAC but I have few MP3 albums for music I yet have to find in lossless (hard to find Italian CDs in USA) and when I convert for my wife's iTunes I use AAC.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI
Last post by mzso -

What's the state of Columns UI these days? I see lots of commits on github for this year and 2017, but no releases whatsoever. The latest is still from 2016.
Why is this? What is this about?
Digital A/V News / Re: AV1 got released! (2018-03-28)
Last post by arkhh -
Why even release if they're not even done with it yet?

It was more of a press release than the codec being finished. The engineers keep changing the spec... but someone must have decided  they wanted it ready for NAB last week.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: CaTRoX (QWR Edition): fb2k theme
Last post by TheQwertiest -
BTW, my To-Do list is:
  • Disc header rows - maybe special case of Row, or a new DiscHeader object, can't decide yet - actually I've wanted to implement it myself =)
  • Caching artwork on playlist refresh to avoid reloading images - the idea is nice, but it all depends on the implementation (I'm not a fan of quick and dirty solutions =) )
  • playlist_info to bottom of window - I might hate how this ends up looking - this won't be compatible with my theme's looks, so that's a no

To avoid spamming up this thread, are you interested in the first three at all? It might be a little hard for me to do PRs in github since I've changed a few things that I know you DON'T want in the main branch, but I can at least open issues and share code snippets there if you prefer. I can also continue pasting stuff here if you like, or just STFU. :) Let me know what you want.
New feature suggestions or suggestions about modifying the existing ones are fine here, I think.
MP3 / Re: How to encode CD # in track tags (EAC/LAME)
Last post by Porcus -
Thanks for that. Replaced the whole string up to %source% with -b320.  (I know it's probably not going to give a significant improvement in quality, but memory's considerably cheaper than it was ten years ago.)

Why not just go lossless? Not only is transcoding not an issue then, but also you can verify (and with CUETools, sometimes even repair) lossless rips later, and hard drives are not expensive anymore.
Polls / Re: 2018 Format poll [Lossy Formats]
Last post by jsdyson -
If at 442k you still notice a flaw, isn't it due to the codec or has it something to do with the resampling? You can try to resample first using different methods en see if that eliminates the problem. After that you can encode to Opus.

It isn't the sample rate -- if I use any sample rate at 44.1k or above, the echo is still there.  It appears to be that the algorithm for removing material (in the mp3 and less-so opus) that would normally be masked is removing the small 'echo.'  (Not really an echo, but a delayed replication of the signal.)

Normally, one probably would not hear the difference -- unless being incredibly critical.  Opus is truly better in maintaining the content -- but slightly modified/distorted (not distortion in the intermod/harmonic sense, but a less clear rendition of the echo.)  Frankly, I wish mp3 at 256k or higher would be as good, and I wish opus was perfect at 442k, but there has to be a loss of information when the amount of data is reduced by a factor of 10.  (That idea is NOT the reason why I might THINK that there is a loss of detail -- it REALLY is there.)

Now, regarding resampling -- I always use sox with the rate -v command for changing sample rate, so that is pretty darned good.  If I used a more primitive resampling mechanism, that might also lose some info -- but I doubt it.  The kind of loss that I hear would be attributable to masking choices in the software.  I could probably make a tweak somewhere to make the masking less aggressive (even though it is already okay 99.9% of the time, even for mp3.)  I simply need perfection for some of my testing, and lossless and the terrible amount of diskspace is needed :-(.

If I was just listening to the music, I probably would not have heard the difference.  But, I have my 'measurement ears' on, which is a different way of hearing.
Audio Hardware / Re: “Vintage” amps
Last post by riverlethe -
I ended up returning this amp to the vinyl shop where I found it. It was shutting itself off during the Ride of the Rohirrim driving my SVS Prime towers.

Probably cut out on when a thermal sensor tripped. This is one reason to have a powered subwoofer.

I actually did have them crossed over at 40Hz, though Audyssey wanted to run them full range. It’s also attempting a +8dB boost for a null at 175Hz, so that might have something to do with it.

Did they use anything like CPU thermal paste on those heat sinks? Could it have deteriorated?

Edit: Isn’t most of the sub-bass content sent to the LFE channel in films anyway?
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