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Support - (fb2k) / Re: Add Folder issue
Last post by sajog159 -
Hi anamorphic !
You absolutely right: as letter size was changed to 100% (from125%) my issue was solved.

(BTW how can I select your replay as solution and close this topic?)
Vinyl / Re: 192/32 needed for digitized vinyl to sound as analogue as possible
Last post by antz -
Somewhat telling that the OP hasn't returned to defend his position, however: have the sound as analogue as possible...

Do you seriously believe there are degrees of analog? Digital vs analog is a clear-cut, black & white distinction. Can something be "slightly digital" or "mostly analog"? No, it either is analog or it is not analog. The only way to keep a recording "as analog as possible" is to USE an analog recording system.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: WSH Panel Mod script discussion/help
Last post by aphelion -
you should find a sample script "status bar + volume.txt"
so the necessary original wsh-version of this script doesn't exist anymore. and seemingly nobody has any copies. is it correct?

which has the foundation of what you are looking for
is this foundation totally absent in the posted JSPanel-version of the script? and nobody has absolutely nothing to advice/suggest/help. i hope it's not true
(thank you for the answers, i appreciate that. but words about switching/migrating/upgrading are not the help in my case)

It will be much easier to modify than starting over
this is really the appropriate way for me - "to modify". can you please help me with it?
"starting over" is not an option (there are reasons for it. for example, i'm using the windows-OS which is not 10/8/7)

there are just 3 small and very simple and understandable things that are missing in my setup:

1. show total quantity of tracks of the active playlist
(i have it now as i need via the "playlist switcher"-panel but there is huge trouble with it)

2. show total length of all tracks of the active playlist
(i also have it now as i need via the "playlist switcher"-panel but there is the same huge trouble with it
the trouble is quite hard to describe properly:
it is a graphical issue and the main problem is that the vertical scrollbar of the playlist switcher is visible
are there any ways to just hide it? unfortunately, i don't think it's possible)

3. show selected tracks' total length
(this is the most important thing among these 3 items)
(status bar should stay hidden so there is no way for me to get this option/functionality at the moment)

are there some different ways to get/achieve/script/implement these 3 items?
for example, there is the "duration" line in the "properties (propertis tab)"
the line can display the total length of the selected tracks
are there any ways to grab the necessary info from this line and display this info via wsh-panel or some other panel?

another example: there is the "foo_uie_playlists_dropdown.dll" component. i never used it but tried it yesterday
after a short and easy process of customizing, this component allowed me to have the first 2 items implemented (of the above-mentioned 3 items)
unfortunately, there were several graphical aspects/issues that didn't allow me to keep and to use this component
MPC / Re: Do Musepack's inherently fast decoding speeds still mean anything?
Last post by shadowking -
Musepack can still be a good choice IMO for several reasons:

- open source, single implementation, well maintained
- fast decoding / encoding with reference encoder.
- gapless design vs mp3 / aac
- Subband codec, less or no pre echo.
- Set it and forget it by design; HQ pure VBR encodings and optimised at default parameters
- Resonably compact filesize at default and --extreme settings ; smaller than typical 256..320 aac/mp3/ogg
- Mature, tested code even though no longer evolving. That could also be a plus for stability.
- Still competitive for mid bitrates 128k or higher
- Reasonable playback options on android and some on IOS. Reported to work well on rockbox.

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