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Support - (fb2k) / Save all playlists dialog
Last post by BlackRitus -
[Shift] File --> Save all playlists...

The dialog is just in the title and cut off because the window is too small.
The text should be moved to the content, which is also less sensitive to different GUI from different operating systems.
General - (fb2k) / Feature Request: Rip Audio CD dialog: "Common Properties" section
Last post by redtownsend -
Thank you for the excellent application.  I LOVE IT. 

Could you implement an option where the data of the Rip Audio CD dialog "Common Properties" section persists for the session?

In other words, the problem is:
I rip from audio book CDs and very often these are not found in FreeDB or MusicBrainz databases, so they cannot be automatically tagged. 
In that case, I manually enter artist, title, etc.
Audio book CDs can have up to 20 disks each having the same title and author. 
It would be nice to have the data in the "Common Properties" section persist from disk to disk. 

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
Last post by fuffi -
its been a while since I fiddled with roles....

I'm interested in fetching the "Rap [Featuring]" role from this release:

JSON at shows

Code: [Select]
"duration": "2:54",
"position": "A10",
"type_": "track",
"extraartists": [{
"join": "",
"name": "Hornflex",
"anv": "",
"tracks": "",
"role": "Rap [Featuring], Producer",
"resource_url": "",
"id": 758993
"title": "Freund Rap"

How would be the formatting string look like? I can't find anything in the docs.
Scientific Discussion / Re: What bit-depth is required for low frequency sine
Last post by saratoga -
Yes, that's what I did in my first post. Do we have similar relationship for non-periodic signals (but band-limited at low and high freq.)?

Not really. For an arbitrary signal anything is possible.  Image an isolated square pulse for instance, which is bandlimited but could have both a full scale change between two samples (the rising/falling edges), and then no change for several samples (the top of the pulse).
Scientific Discussion / Re: What bit-depth is required for low frequency sine
Last post by saratoga -
It depends on the frequency of the signal. If it is at the Nyquist limit, the distance between samples has to be equal to the amplitude. If your signal is well below the Nyquist limit, you will have smaller and smaller differences, culminating in a DC signal for which the difference is always zero (in the absence of dither and noise shaping at least).

You can easily calculate the minimum step size for a given frequency and sampling rate by the way. It's just the change in amplitude between two sequential samples on either size of the maximum or minimum of a sin wave. When that step size gets less than the quantization level, and if you are not dithering or using noise shaping, the step size will be zero.

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