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Linux/Mozilla 1.2.1 font issues


has anyone using Mozilla 1.2 on Linux noticed font issues? I was using Mozilla 1.0 without problems for a long time, but upgraded to 1.2 just now. I've lost my previous settings in the process.

Anyway, by default the fonts in HA are way, waaay to small. I thought it was the wrong skin, but I've checked and I'm using the default one, which seems to be the large fonts skin as far as I can tell.

HA is completely unusable, having 8 and 9 pixel fonts which are unreadable. Only fix I've found so far is to enforce 11 or 12 pixels minimum font size.

Linux/Mozilla 1.2.1 font issues

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Which Distribution are you using?
If you are using RedHat8 try using the xft RPMs.

And there is an option callled "minum font-size" try playing around with that...

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Linux/Mozilla 1.2.1 font issues

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I have to up my font size sometimes which is kind of annoying but im used to it. I use Galeon which uses the gecko engine. I wouldnt say its unreadable but its sometimes uncomfortable.