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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Rating panel
Last post by kgena_ua -
Rating panel
This pair of headphones has an impedance of 2k ohms but still they will be driven by my DAP?
I'd say yes.    But, they may not go as loud as some lower impedance headphones.

Loudness is related to power, but it's also related to efficiency.     (You usually don't get an efficiency spec, but you do usually get a sensitivity spec, referenced to Volts or milliwatts).   You get more power with lower impedance and that usually means more loudness, but not always.

The HD 800 is expensive and it you're spending that much money for a headphone you should probably listen first, and the store should allow you to plug-in your DAP if you're spending that much money.
Right, so it is not only safe but also worth to try.

I must admit I am confused. I read a lot that headphones such as sennheiser HD800 are not suitable for DAPS like mine due to their high impedance (300 ohms).

That headphone measures as per below:
Volts RMS required to reach 90dB SPL: 0.242 Vrms
Impedance @ 1kHz: 361 Ohms
Power Needed for 90d BSPL 0.16 mW

So I have been focusing on lower impedance headphones (less that 70 ohms).

This pair of headphones has an impedance of 2k ohms but still they will be driven by my DAP? Did I misread your reply?

Volts RMS required to reach 90dB SPL: 0.405 Vrms

Your player does double that, so 90+6=96 dB.

You can't damage a player using a small load (high impedance). It's the same as running with no headphones plugged in (infinite impedance).
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by marc2003 -
The styletextrender thingy required an entire 3rd party project to be part of the Visual Studio solution and I selfishly got rid of it because I never use it. I know I should try and be more considerate of others but I'm mean!!  ;D WSH panel mod still works and there is WSH panel mod plus which shares many of the newer features with JScript Panel.

As for the playlist, you know the answer. They both use the same component!
General Audio / Headphone impedance vs DAP volts / output power
Last post by blueoris -
I found that my DAP puts 0.937 volts, output power of 58.5mW into 15 ohms load, with 1kHz signal.

Whatever those numbers mean, it drives very well my current headphones, which measure as per below:

Volts RMS required to reach 90dB SPL: 0.047 Vrms
Impedance @ 1kHz: 60 Ohms
Power Needed for 90d BSPL 0.04 mW

Again, not very good with measurements.

I am thinking on getting a second pair of headphones, but their 2k impedanced make me think that my DAP won't be even able to drive them at 50 - 60db

Here are the measurements of the headphones I am considering:

Volts RMS required to reach 90dB SPL: 0.405 Vrms
Impedance @ 1kHz: 2096 Ohms
Power Needed for 90d BSPL 0.08 mW

Is there a way to find out if the DAP will be able to drive them at 50db with the measurements above? Also, is there any risk of damaging my DAP with that load?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 DeskBand Controls
Last post by Classic Rock -
Deskband is exactly what I need, unfortunately it keeps crashing my explorer under windows 7-64bit.
Uninstalling the program isn't pretty either as it kills the explorer some more.
I managed to uninstall but it took couple of tries, because if you don't remove the component from Foobar it will install deskband again.

I would like to know what is left on computer after uninstalling, what does the program modify and leaves?

General - (fb2k) / Re: bad track or bad settings
Last post by A_Man_Eating_Duck -
does the problem happen when using directsound as output?

Also can you give more specs on your system, OS and how the DAC is connected?
General - (fb2k) / Re: MIDI Conversion
Last post by kode54 -
Most of these game formats are notes of some sort, but converting them to MIDI requires specialized code to monitor the emulated sound hardware and convert the information into notes. I have written an SPC to MIDI converter, that produces one SPC file per unique sample, for easier instrument separation, but it still requires retuning and manual intervention.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Playback Statistics component: version 3.0.1
Last post by kode54 -
foo_jesus is the only guaranteed way to keep stats for a session without user intervention. Otherwise, you'd need to manually trigger a configuration save periodically.