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Easiest/hardest genre to reproduce on a speaker?

I did several different searches both on Google and here, but without success.

I seem to recall reading one or more short articles online about the relative difficulty of reproducing various types of music - the gist of it being that some types of jazz and classical are not as demanding as their proponents might want you to think, and are "coincidentally" used as demos for high-end audio salespersons.  There was also some discussion of the genres/instruments which were typically challenging, and made better choices for critically evaluating speakers; I don't remember the conclusions which were stated.  I understand that you can't paint a genre with a broad brush, but there must be some sort of accord as to types or sub-types which can be useful (probably due to specific instruments) - given a decent recording/mastering of course. 

But I can't find any of the articles now.  Does anyone know of such, or have a source for any articles which deal with this?  There are a multitude of opinions out there, but you know what they say about opinions.   :D

Full disclosure: I have always felt that vocals and piano are the hardest to record and reproduce effectively, and I have my share of what I feel are poor recordings of both! 

Re: Easiest/hardest genre to reproduce on a speaker?

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