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Topic: Foobar2000 Preamp gain settings with MathAudio RoomEQ  (Read 263 times) previous topic - next topic
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Foobar2000 Preamp gain settings with MathAudio RoomEQ

I have just started using the MathAudio RoomEQ plugin for Foobar on my PC, output going to a Topping Dx3Pro DAC via USB. As the output level going to the DX3Pro is now significantly lower, I am wondering if it is OK to increase the signal to the DAC by upping the Preamp gain in the Foobar settings? The attached screenshot below shows Foobars VU meters playing at a very low level now. Should I just up the preamp settings such that the VU meters are at a more normal level. (Prior to the use of the MathAudio plugin, I had the preamp settings at - 6db as I read somewhere that this is best to avoid any chance of clipping.) Unfortunately my knowledge of digital clipping/gain matching between Foobar and DAC is minimal (at best!)...
Anyway, any help or advice would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!