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Recycle Bin / Shuffle on UpNp
Last post by fooroo -
NO luck elsewhere with this question, so I'll try here:

I can stream wirelessly from foobar no problems, but cannot get songs to shuffle when using upnp controller. The drop down box on the upnp controller has the 'shuffle' option greyed out. Do I need another component or is there something I have to do in settings somewhere. Shuffles on local speakers ok.


3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by bedul123 -
Is it possible to display the album art of playing track with blurred effect?
Like combining both "album art" and "StackBlur (image)" scripts in one panel. I saw this on Eole, but I don't know how to do it myself.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by paregistrase -
First  problems  ;D  (things that happen where you don't know what are you doing)

So _fbSanitise is not my enemy, it is my friend, i need it to save things like "Aidan Baker / Leah Buckareff"

and this.artist is %album artist%

So I need to "sanitise" the bio folder too.

And is this function in helpers.js

Code: [Select]
function _fbSanitise(value) {
return value.replace(/[\/\\|:]/g, '-').replace(/\*/g, 'x').replace(/"/g, "''").replace(/[<>]/g, '_').replace(/\?/g, '').replace(/(?! )\s/g, '');

So need to replace

"/\|:" to "-"
"*"  to "x"
" to '
"[<>] to "_"
"(?!)" to nothing

Is this that way?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by paregistrase -
I made a dirty thing but it seem to work.

I can't find the filename in bio but i found the allmusic_review one.

In text.js in samples in line 37.

Code: [Select]
this.filename = _artistFolder(this.artist) + 'allmusic.' + _fbSanitise(this.album) + '.txt';

I change that to

Code: [Select]
this.filename = _artistFolder(this.artist) + this.artist+' - ' + _fbSanitise(this.album) + '.txt'

and now the saved filename is similar to bio's one.

So i change the folder in bio.cfg

Code: [Select]
   "foAmRev": "%profile%\\js_data\\artists\\%artist%",

And the bio panel display the text saved by allmusic_review.  :o

Obviously this must be an aberration for anyone who know how to code and i suppose that I'm going to have problem with fbSanitise part and other things

So I will appreciate a more bulletproof and elegant solution.

FLAC / Re: New FLAC compression improvement
Last post by Porcus -
Anyway, I'd like the opinion of the people reading this on the following

I think the "don't switch" (= do nothing) is the worst. Well with the reservation that you might want to wait until there is a new version with other improvements too.

Then opening some cans with possible dumb questions:
* is it possible to make the switch for a 64-bit-only version?  (I understand from what you mentioned above, those platforms affected cannot run the 64-bit version anyway?)
* is it possible to make an option to turn off those routines? --SSEonlyplatform?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_musicbrainz
Last post by Sue Dunham -
I'm having trouble getting tags for one particular album even though I can find it on the MusicBrainz site. (release pagerelease group page). I generally search there, find the id in the url, and get the tags by pasting the album id or release group id into the appropriate dialog from the context menu. For this one album, the tagger come up with "No matching results were found."

I'm not sure why just this album so far hasn't worked. There's only the one digital release; does there need to be a physical one at MusicBrainz too?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by paregistrase -
Back on topic.

@WilB Is it possible to change the filename of .txt files that save the component?

I will try to explain why.

the bio panel doesn't download any kind of data from allmusic (in my setup with wine) but another script (allmusic_review.js) from the sample folder does.

This script save the result in a filename named "allmusic.%album%" in the folder "profile/js_data/artists/%artist%"

(Not completely sure about if this is exact (no idea of reading script code) but seem to be)

So I thought, in my naivety, that maybe if I point bio to that txt file if will be shown in the panel.

I look at the .cfg and I just saw options to change the folder but not the filename.

So in reality the first question must be if bio will display this data and if it will do it how i could do to make them be in harmony

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