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Terminated prematurely with code 2 (0x00000002) - recheck parameters

Hello, all:

I have been happily running Foobar 2000, updated from time to time, converting files in a directory from WAV to AAC 320. All of a sudden, on an old installation, I started getting this message. Couldn't figure out why. The WAV's were valid, they play. Also downloaded sample WAV from internet. Same thing, so not the file.

So I thought maybe random corruption. I uninstalled and updated to the most recent version 1.6.5, re-downloaded QAAC from, and same thing happens. It speeds through, giving this error for all files in a directory. Not sure what else to do. Any help is appreciated.

Source: "E:\WAVS - to be AAC320\210422_2837.wav"
  An error occurred while writing to file (The encoder has terminated prematurely with code 2 (0x00000002); please re-check parameters) : "E:\AAC320\210422_2837.m4a"
  Additional information:
  Encoder stream format: 96000Hz / 2ch / 24bps
  Command line: "C:\QAAC Folder\qaac64.exe" --ignorelength -s --no-optimize -V 127 -o "210422_2837.m4a" -

Update: It had been so long I forgot the Encoder pack. I dl'd that, and now it seems to be working. Still doesn't explain why it stopped working on the old installation, which had also been set up with the encoder pack from a while ago. In other words, I was running the slightly older version of Foobar with the then-current QAAC from the encoder, and it had stopped. All's well that ends well, I guess. Appreciate that this forum exists.
  Working folder: E:\AAC30\
  Conversion failed: The encoder has terminated prematurely with code 2 (0x00000002); please re-check parameters

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