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Just fix the tags and filenames and continue living a happy audio life.
-b option fixed, what a stupid but it was.
Since it was a serious usage problem I just released a new version
Maybe Etymotic ( )
They isolate pretty good, at least good enough for me to listen to chamber music on the train and occasional plane.
Comfort, let say I got used to them :)
I'm a bit puzzled why you think the audio is wrong but the tags are correct and not the other way around. Seems like faulty logic to me. The audio is what it is, if the title/track number is not corresponding to what it should be based on what you hear then it's the title/track number that is wrong and not the other way around.  Your file names seem to be wrong as well.
If I were to change your house address number you wouldn't go and say "hey, it's the wrong house", nope you'd say "the house has the wrong number".
It was strange on ordinary music tracks, sorry. Setting -b 200 sounds like a 0.9kHz LPF, and the filesize is tiny.
Indeed, it's just unusable. Thanks for finding the problem!
It definitely has to be sorted out.
General Audio / Re: Parametric EQ and Crossfeed for Android?
Last post by lélé -

I use my Android smartphone and IEM to listen to music from streaming platforms (Qobuz, Spotify and I may give a try to Tidal soon).

I am looking for Android application with:
  • Parametric EQ
  • Crossfeed
that I could use while listening from the streaming platforms mentioned above.

May you have suggestions?

Equalization of headphones is good, but I just don't get this crossfeed thing.

IME the most useful Eq app for headphones running under Android is called Neutralizer, and it is in the Google Play Store.

It is not exactly what I was looking for, but it seems interesting and I will give it a try. Thank you!

As for crossfeed, I think that some stereo tracks look very unnatural when listened to with headphones or IEMs. For example when a sound is only coming from one side. IMHO crossfeed solves this pretty convincingly.
I suppose there are threads and threads. It can be useful to be warned that one is about to answer a specific question asked by someone who has not even visited a site for months or years.
How do you know the tags are correct?

I checked and they're the same there.

Are the filenames correct?

They're the same as the tags in the files.
Vinyl / Re: >20kHz content found in vinyl?
Last post by DVDdoug -
:D  :D I guess we have a good reason NOT to record at 96kHz...  We don't need 30kHz noise going through our amps to our tweeters!

...Somewhere I read, "The wider you open the window, the more dust comes in."
Also, a way of distinguishing between Playlists and Auto-Playlists like attached. Thanks.