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General - (fb2k) / Re: Which one is better - Default UI vs Columns UI?
Last post by PleasantSounds -
Neither DUI nor CUI lets you desingn the look & feel without compromises. You pick the one that gives you the more of what you are after while not getting too much in the way.

In terms of functionality, for me the DUI comes close enough. I don't feel restricted as far as the choice of components supporting the functionality I want is concerned. The tradeoff is look & feel of the entire application which is more restricted. In particular the design choice of reusing some of the standard Windows controls is impacting our ability to design slick looking user interfaces.

CUI does not have this problem to that extent, but the penalty is that a lot of stuff needs to be hand crafted. Fb2k generally has the weakness of requiring more configuration than a typical user can take. CUI takes this to the extreme, especially if one wants a slick looking and feature rich interface.

Those comfortable with a bit of coding and graphics design can take either UI quite far, but I feel that some of the operations are much harder than they need to be.
General Audio / Re: Is it all bull**** now?
Last post by 4season -
MiniDSP is doing some worthwhile stuff IMO: Their headphone measurement jig and matching DSP-equipped headphone amp allowed me to achieve frequency response approximating that proposed by Harman Int'l, and I like what I hear! Let's just say that the combination of a bit of crossfeed combined with equalization has spoiled me.
General Audio / Re: Album Art Downloader XUI
Last post by Mike_de -
Hi Alex!
I'm using AAD for several months now and I'm very happy with it. However, the script for constantly causes problems. The recent issue is that covers won't load in full resolution and often appear only in 200x200. It often takes forever for Fanart to respond at all.
Opus / Re: Opus 1.3-rc2
Last post by kode54 -
That being said, the whole point of libopusenc is that applications like foobar can now easily link to a library rather than have to call a separate executable.
Yes, but by design, foobar2000 does not link any encoders into its converter, just strictly a WAV output, piped or temporary file fed into external encoders. It hasn't supported an API for extending the converter with internal encoders since version 0.8.3 was replaced by the 0.9 series, years ago. 0.8.3 also didn't support ID3v2 tags natively, and still supported Win9x.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Close to taskbar
Last post by kanishknishar -
Except closing foobar2000 now closes it to the right, minimized as an icon.

Previously, when you use to close foobar2000 (caused by a change in setting in the advanced options), foobar2000 would minimize even if you closed it.
General Audio / Mass file metadata/tag compare (id3, vorbis) for files on 2 partitions/HDDs ?
Last post by alec.tron -
as I have a few programs that alter metadata, but some of them do have a history of not cleanly editing existing ones (especially multi value metadata, which I use heavily, is hit and miss... which is why I want to make sure data I care about is not overwritten when sync-ing after one of the programs screwed up...) - can anyone recommend a program that allows to scan & compare metadata from files on 2 separate HDDs reliably (& conveniently ideally) (i.e. same file exists under same name & location on both HDDs... but metadata might differ on some fields) ?
And maybe even offers to merge metadata if differences are found... ?

I've found BeyondCompare... but it only does support ID3 from the looks (flac suppoirt is planned, but not there atm), so there's no point in even testing that as I'd need it for 100s if not 1000s of mp3/id3 & flac/vorbis on a regular basis, plus some outliers (aiff, aac, etc)...
MusicBee does have a metadata compare functionality via an add-on too, but it's only really usable if done on a per-file/one-by-one basis.
And foobar does not seem to have any add on to deal with metadata/tag differences of the same file in different locations as far as I can tell...
But maybe there's something that does this others have come across ?

General - (fb2k) / Re: This is ridiculous: but how do I get Foobar to simply display my audio tracks?
Last post by Molelikecreature -
Hi all,

I've concluded that with my copy of Foobar consistently misbehaving in a way my old version (on a now dead pc) never did, yet with Foobar2000 consistently topping the charts of best audio players, my best check for a solution should be a full and total removal and reinstall from scratch... something bizarre is wrong which never affected me for years in the past, so start again.

So my question is: do I simply let Windows 10 'Uninstall' facility handle this, as I would with things generally, and then make a fresh download & install, or is there anything special I need to know which could compromise the new install (any setting, preference record etc, which could, unbeknownst to me, be hidden away anywhere... etc...)??

Cheers all, just hoping a fresh start solves this daft thing & I can keep using the software I've used & enjoyed for 15-odd years.
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