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FLAC / Re: FLAC, volume leveling dynamics of classical and rock
Last post by Porcus -
For ReplayGain to work, your in-car player must support ReplayGain. Any idea if it does?
It is easy: find a LOUD rock track, make two copies of it, RG scan one of them, listen for the difference.

If not ... FLAC for your hard drive at home, transcode to lossy for in-car use.
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: EAC3 vs AAC
Last post by IgorC -
EAC3 to AC3 is the same as AAC to HE-AAC.

If  an original source is EAC3 it's recommended to not transcode from lossy to lossy (from EAC3 to AAC).
If  an original source  is lossless then go with AAC(medium and high bitrates) or HE-AAC (less than ~180-200 kbps for 5.1) for better quality.
FLAC / Re: New FLAC compression improvement
Last post by IgorC -
8pe vs 9  (+0.14% compression gain on 1 album).
~55-60x vs ~20x on my laptop with 6 cores/12 threads.

As for me, 9 is ok.

P.S. 9pe brings +0.08% compression gain at ~16x comparing to -9. Ok too.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_sqlite
Last post by fbuser -
Yes, I know that multivalue fields are not allowed in Playlist_Updatable
This is actually not correct. You can't use the "Split multivalue tag" functionality for an updatable virtual table as it simply does not make sense here.

Consider the following example for one track:

album: "The Best"
artist: "The Greatest"
genre: "Rock", "Pop" (multivalue field with two values)

Without setting "split multivalue tags" for genre, the result of SELECT * FROM MediaLibrary (or Playlist, of course) will return this result for this track:

Code: [Select]
album           artist               genre
The Best        The Greatest         Rock · Pop
" · " is the standard multivalue separator used by foo_sqlite (in opposite to just ";" for the properties dialog), but you can define it for each tag by yourself.

With setting "split multivalue tags" for genre you will get this result:
Code: [Select]
album           artist               genre
The Best        The Greatest         Rock
The Best        The Greatest         Pop
So you will get one record for each value of a multivalue field.

But updating a virtual table allows you set multiple values for a single tag. This SQL
Code: [Select]
UPDATE Playlist_Updatable
SET genre='Rock · Pop'
WHERE album='The Best'
    AND artist='The Greatest';
will update the genre tag with two values. You just need to use the multivalue separator, which is defined for the relevant tag.

Is this the expected behavior?
Of course, not. Crashing is never an exprected behavior.  Thanks for the detailed error description. I will try to reproduce the problem and I think I have to disallow somehow what you did. Besides this, could you please also post one of the crash reports (txt and dmp file) as it might give some more information?
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: EAC3 vs AAC
Last post by musicalman -
I have no idea. Is there anything which can encode to EAC3?

Also which bit rates is EAC3 meant for, is it even near competitive at < 128 kbps?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_sqlite
Last post by Sue Dunham -
Had runtime errors and foobar2000 crashes that seemed to hinge on trying to update multivalue fields in Playlist_Updatable. Yes, I know that multivalue fields are not allowed in Playlist_Updatable, but I wanted to see if they could exist in Playlist or MediaLibrary and were simply treated as single value in Playlist_Updatable.

These fields had previously been single value, but I changed them to multivalue in the Playlist table, and used the first of them as an associated column of the other two. I also added the fields to the list in Preferences>Advanced>Display>Properties dialog>Multivalue fields. After making this change, my update query ran with no effect.

I then changed the fields back to single value. This is when all the runtime errors began. I made sure to remove the associated columns. More errors. I removed the tags from the advanced preferences. More errors. I rebuilt the Playlist and Playlist_Updatable tables. More errors.

I was only able to stop the errors and run the update query after removing the offending tags from the Playlist table and adding them again.

Is this the expected behavior? I would at some point like to make these tags multivalue and have them exist as such in MediaLibrary while being able to update those tags in new albums added to the collection. I know that Playlist_Updatable won't make them multivalue, but I was hoping that I could just split the tags in the properties window after I'm done updating them with SQL.
FLAC / FLAC, volume leveling dynamics of classical and rock
Last post by Creomortis -

I have a few hundred flac tracks with a mix of music genre, mostly classical and rock.
I am listening to them in my car. I would like to be able to skip from a rock track to a classical track without losing dynamics from a re encode.

I thought replay gain may be the solution but I've been told it won't help much and may introduce clipping?

Can anyone guide me? Thanks.
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