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Well I have to set foobar to 12000ms just to update tags for a FLAC on my NAS to avoid it skipping back and forward. All I'm doing is adding a Lyrics field and pasting them in there, no probs on the SSD, seems a bit weird cos the NAS isn't exactly slow. Maybe updating things over a network location could be optimized.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_scrobble
Last post by gix -
It certainly is a false positive. Though there obviously is no way for me to prove that. All those vague heuristics are in my experience really unreliable, and of course it's impossible to find out what they actually scan for. And even if I were to release a new clean version you could surmise I was just more careful about hiding it.

Targeting such a small obscure group of users seems like more trouble than it's worth. The good news is, if you are paranoid enough, everything to create your own build is freely available.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Few suggestions for some improvements
Last post by Lucidae -
number of currently selected tracks in status bar (similarly to "Total time of selection") (I would say that I beg for this)

Such a quality of life addition would be most welcome.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Where to start for skinning?
Last post by Lucidae -
Attached is a screenshot of my current layout which is also inspired to microsoft groove music app, built on panel stack splitter in combination with a few JScript panels.

Impressive! I also dig Groove Music's UI. I'd very much like to give your skin a try, if you feel inclined to share it.
General Audio / Re: A day of vinyl -- a reminder of inferior technology
Last post by danadam -
You uploaded the file to a post, then it was deleted?

After clicking "selecting them" a file browser shows up. If I select a file with a dot in its name then a progress bar shows up and uploading starts, like in the screenshot in the attachment. That's fine. But if I select a file without any dots (in another words, without extension) then nothing happens, progress bar doesn't show up and there is no info/feedback to the user what happened. The only thing is that error in the browser console that I posted earlier.
MP3 - General / Re: New MP3 player
Last post by Stacker -

Thanks for explaining your requirement (I initially thought you didn't want to put it on your computer - perhaps run from a cloud, or something external...)

Parts of the PoQStacker UI is using .NET and using the MSI for the installation is practical in this case. I'm also using the MSI to manage upgrades etc.

Overtime I will weed out the .NET aspect.

Thanks for your feedback
General Audio / Re: A day of vinyl -- a reminder of inferior technology
Last post by kode54 -
You uploaded the file to a post, then it was deleted? I don't know who deleted it, as there's no logged action of anyone deleting it.
General Audio / Re: A day of vinyl -- a reminder of inferior technology
Last post by Paul_ 2012 -
As there appears to be a hiatus in receiving the eagerly awaited file i'll fill the void with my trivia. My first experience with vinyl was when my two years older brother bought a second hand Dansette Delux player which then necessitated buying the medium. It was great and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it was only in later years that I purchase a better system made of a single brand of separate components including a deck. The speaker cabinets which I still own but don't use were in kit form but as my partner at the time worked for Philips the makers, they took it upon themselves to assemble them for me. At first I got real pleasure from this far and away "improved" sound but after a while I became irritated with the pops and crackles even after handling the records with care. When a friend demonstrated the first cd player I had seen it blew me away with the versatility and ease of use. There was also a cassette deck but I cannot remember purchasing a single prerecorded tape and the process of copying to tape did my head in mostly. I have a pile of vinyl in the wardrobe which is never used, a deck which is never used and cannot think why it ever will. When I visit a couple of friends with vinyl I love to listen, the sound is great but the effort going into preserving and playing it is in my view insane not to mention the cost, but they love it. It reminds me of when I bought my first fishing rod, fibreglass rods were available but I went for the split cane version it just looked a whole lot better to me I was about 12.
FLAC / Re: Upsampling 44.1->88.2, 48->96
Last post by kode54 -
A neural network could be trained to try to replicate lost information, using original and downsampled audio, but this sort of replication is not totally reliable, and has only really been trained and demonstrated on visual data, not really on audio.
Yeah, attempting to marry two waifus can cause you a lot of trouble, especially waifus of an audiophile. :P

Why, yes, you did get the hint that I was referring to waifu2x, a neural network that was trained against anime and manga style artwork, both original and downscaled versions of the original, to give it a broad set of knowledge about what some combinations of pixels would look like when downscaled, so it may attempt to replicate lost information and upscale images. It actually works quite well, even on some photographs.

Audio upscaling, I'm not sure if it would work better to train and work a neural network against time domain data, or frequency domain. Someone will probably attempt it some day, and possibly also implement it for time and pitch shifting, but I don't expect it to be miraculous. Considering how much processing power goes into image scaling, and the sample rates of audio, it may be possible to use GPU or other heavy OpenCL hardware to process audio in real time, assuming you're not already starting from Ludicrous Sample Rates.
MP3 - General / Re: New MP3 player
Last post by eahm -
"Only for me" makes the installation configurable for independent users on Windows, some software can be installed as portable, see foobar2000, mIRC etc. but many, usually, come in a compressed folder, you just extract and run.