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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_musicbrainz
Last post by Sandrine -
Picard tags it that way (doubled) and when reading a file in Kodi that has an MB artist but no MB albumartist tag, Kodi sorts it under [Missing]. Yeah, Kodi could be more lenient, but this here fix would be faster  :-[
CD Hardware/Software / Re: linux [] 0.7.2 config
Last post by punkrockdude -
cdparanoia does not always rip tracks 100% the same as EAC (Windows?) does. This has caused some rips to not be confirmed accuraterips according to whipper. When I compared an EAC and a whipper rip of the same track I saw at the end that some inaudible things was not at the same time in the track. This happened at the very end of some tracks where there was "silence".
General - (fb2k) / Re: Album art caching
Last post by wcs13 -
Actually I wouldn't want to turn the album/artist labels off. I like the concept.
I just wish I could replace them with title/date, that's all.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: linux [] 0.7.2 config
Last post by sanskrit44 -
@finphil: i chose whipper for its accuraterip v2 support. if you can name an aternative to it, offering the same functionality, i will try it for sure.

here is a nice comparison, but its focus is not su much on linux software:

@m14u: now that is actually the correct way i think, the format char '%' must be represented '%%'.

really no one using whipper here? ;)
CD Hardware/Software / Re: linux [] 0.7.2 config
Last post by m14u -
if help say this,

# - %t: track number
# - %a: track artist
# - %n: track title
# - %s: track sort name
# - %A: album artist
# - %S: album sort name
# - %d: disc title
# - %y: release year
# - %r: release type, lowercase
# - %R: Release type, normal case
# - %x: audio extension, lowercase
# - %X: audio extension, uppercase
i am sorry, but why you write in templates:"%%A, %%y, %%d, %%R, %%A, %%d, etc" ?
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