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CD Hardware/Software / EAC logs accuracy info question - AccurateRip vs CUETools DB Plugin.
Last post by anc -

I think I finally know how to rip CDs properly in EAC in either secure or burst mode, however analysis of logs is leaving me with few doubts. I noticed that (regardles of urst or secure, copy image or copy tracks etc.) in the log beside AccurateRip info pasted below (As You can see it is ok for all tracks)

Code: [Select]
No errors occurred

AccurateRip summary
Track  1  accurately ripped (confidence 185)  [933CE44B]  (AR v2)
Track  2  accurately ripped (confidence 184)  [3571FC56]  (AR v2)
Track  3  accurately ripped (confidence 184)  [E79C9FFA]  (AR v2)
Track  4  accurately ripped (confidence 183)  [9DD13962]  (AR v2)
Track  5  accurately ripped (confidence 185)  [A3150A08]  (AR v2)
Track  6  accurately ripped (confidence 185)  [77B4C446]  (AR v2)
Track  7  accurately ripped (confidence 185)  [6A6E4992]  (AR v2)
Track  8  accurately ripped (confidence 184)  [51251062]  (AR v2)
Track  9  accurately ripped (confidence 182)  [2FF81E1C]  (AR v2)
Track 10  accurately ripped (confidence 184)  [BBA18218]  (AR v2)
Track 11  accurately ripped (confidence 180)  [19A294F7]  (AR v2)
Track 12  accurately ripped (confidence 182)  [1AE155DC]  (AR v2)
Track 13  accurately ripped (confidence 179)  [3FCA7E11]  (AR v2)

I am getting some accuracy info from CT DB which looks like this in my case:

Code: [Select]
---- CUETools DB Plugin V2.1.6

[CTDB TOCID: sG.CQOADHalffvVDp4aJ7mlpUco-] found
Submit result: already submitted
Track | CTDB Status
  1   | (870/873) Accurately ripped
  2   | (868/873) Accurately ripped
  3   | (868/873) Accurately ripped
  4   | (830/873) Accurately ripped, or (2/873) differs in 40 samples @00:00:11
  5   | (869/873) Accurately ripped
  6   | (868/873) Accurately ripped
  7   | (867/873) Accurately ripped
  8   | (870/873) Accurately ripped
  9   | (869/873) Accurately ripped
 10   | (867/873) Accurately ripped
 11   | (866/873) Accurately ripped
 12   | (860/873) Accurately ripped
 13   | (861/873) Accurately ripped

First of all i did not even know that CueTools provides something like accurate rip and what bothers me is track 4. What does this   4   | (830/873) Accurately ripped, or (2/873) differs in 40 samples @00:00:11 exactly mean? I am getting this in any mode. The CD is completely new and it is well known album.

Thanks in advance for any advices.
CD Hardware/Software / EAC burst mode - not getting log
Last post by anc -
Hello. I recently installed and configured EAC using this guide: whic is about using the secure mode. I ripped succesfuly a CD that way (after some problems and trying different drives). I know, however, that it is good idea to try burst mode with mint CDs to save time. The problem is then when I switch to Burst mode option and used "Copy Image" option I did not get any log so I cannot check if my tracks are matching accurate rip database. What should I do to be able to check the accuracy with accurateRip in burst mode?
Support - (fb2k) / Playlist "Bibli" doesn't follow artist selection
Last post by Slug -

i'm trying to conifgure foobar on a new PC,
from my first one i got a playlist called "Bibli" which where content follow automatically selection i do in research or in album list,

on new PC i have to double click to add on selected playlist the album list,

i rather use first option,
can you help me?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Spider Monkey Panel (foo_spider_monkey_panel)
Last post by sub_ubi -
Hello, I just installed this component today and I'd love to check out some of the user scripts, as described here:

I am unable to find the "Open Configure Panel... dialog." option
Nevermind, I figured it out. I had to add the spidermonkey layout panel.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by marc2k3 -

- The `thumbs` sample now supports multiple folders when in custom folder mode. Just separate each one with a `|`.
- Fix bug with `Text Display` sample where it used `utils.ReadUTF8` internally meaning `ANSI` and `UCS2-LE` files were not handled properly. It now uses `utils.ReadTextFile` which supports them.
- It's no longer possible to compile the component with `Visual Studio 2019`. `Visual Studio 2022` is now required.