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Topic: Audionalyse: Calculating, assessing and ranking characteristics of audio files (Read 927 times) previous topic - next topic
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Audionalyse: Calculating, assessing and ranking characteristics of audio files

Hi audio enthusiasts!

As I discovered this fine web site recently,
I now would like to share a program I wrote in the last months.

The reason was that I have audios from several sources
and wanted to identify the ones that are bad in some way
or compared to their folder-like.

I didn't find ANY program that can do this,
so I wrote it for myself (C++, ffmpeg) for windows.
Also there is a (not necessary) description in German.

It has no GUI but simply CLI, spartanly indeed.
You call it either for one audio: it outputs the characteristics;
bad ones bolded.
Or for a folder, then it writes a CSV which you can
import (GB format) in say libre-calc, and then copy the content of it
into a calc-template I prepared which does the bolding etc.

The characteristics are
audio format, bitrate, compression ratio, sampling rate,
bit depth, stereo/ mono, duration, silence duration at beginning/ end,
For each channel apart: clip count, max peak, DC offset, RMS min/max/average,
SNR, disturbance frequency.
For the channels together then:
RMS average/max, DR, channel separation, balance, frequ distribution: deviation/ slope,
max. (sufficient often) occurring frequ. (and manually in csv: RMS diff to average).
(To have it in any language you like just exchange the German names in the calc header).

As I'm no professional at all please don't bash me if it's
not sufficient for you. For me it is very useful, I identified funny audios.

There will be no support or requests.
But any suggestion, idea, feedback etc. is welcome! :)

BTW No installer etc. Just copy everything into a folder.
It doesn't change ANY settings. "De-install" by deleting.

Due to the attachment size limit the files are at

Be safe and check them by