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Topic: WinAmp2 DSP ReplayGain plugin (MOD,FLAC,MAC,...) (Read 3909 times) previous topic - next topic
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WinAmp2 DSP ReplayGain plugin (MOD,FLAC,MAC,...)

From the vorbis mailinglist:

This new ReplayGain feature is cool, but made all my .mp3 and .mod files
sound so loud, so I wrote a Winamp DSP plugin that:

- If a file is playing that is not known, a ReplayGain value will be
  calculated while playing.
- If a file is known, the ReplayGain value is applied.

What that means is that my .mp3 files now sound as loud as my .oggs.

I hacked this thing together very quick, so it's got some killer bugs and
very little features, but it's workable for me, so I thought I'd announce
it here to know if this idea isn't crap (so that I might try to fix bugs
and add features).

So if you like it, let me know.

You can find version 0.1 "deadlock" at