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Best CD-R Media to Buy?/Plextor CD-ROM

Howdy Peoples,
I've been burning cd's for a few years now and never used anything other than mitsubishi or verbatim dark blue cds
But since my trusty lg drive died i bought a plextor ultraplex 40x and it keeps rereading my copied cd's in cd's in eac. So i would like to know what brand of the best blank cd's to buy. I have a mitsumi 4804te and it burns pratically on anything.
Thanks in Advanece

Best CD-R Media to Buy?/Plextor CD-ROM

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or yuden

always safe, always good. 
its all about the people who make the chemicals you abuse

Best CD-R Media to Buy?/Plextor CD-ROM

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I've never had any problems with Maxell or Sony CD-R's. In fact, Maxell is my weapon of choice. I don't bother using their special AudioCD-R's because I think it's just a ploy to make more money.

Best CD-R Media to Buy?/Plextor CD-ROM

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1. go to /
and download the cdr identifier..(1.63.)

2. run it.. (to be shure ya got a device.. capable of reading the "ATIP"..)
and ya should get this info:
(insert any disc)

Disc Manufacturer:******
Dye type:**
Media type:***       
nominal Capacity:***** 

in general you should consentrate on the DYE type and media type..
the higher the dye-rom is.. the more sutible is the cd for pcm/wav..

and the cd is better for audio with a silver "layer" than gold..
despite the word on gold plated is a better for audio.. that is sientific proved wrong..

then all you have to do is go bay various cd`s from around you..
and see witch is the best...

ps.. NeoRenegade...

"I don't bother using their special AudioCD-R's because I think it's just a ploy to make more money."

yes.. in the early days of cdr.. there where no diff. in data v. audio cd`s..
(afterall.. both are binary data..)nowa days they have found out
that a higher sector sice is crutial for storage and playback of pcm blocks..

so special media for audio are out in the store.. the downside.. is that more and
more pressing factorys/distributors label there product wrong.. coz they know
that it`s in audio the $$ is..

Best CD-R Media to Buy?/Plextor CD-ROM

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Only Fuji CD-Rs for me.

Best CD-R Media to Buy?/Plextor CD-ROM

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Whatever you do, don't buy 32x or 40x CD-Rs. The production seems to be quite unstable. Even Verbatim, who produce excellent 24x CD-Rs, have massive quality problems with their latest offerings. (reviews are on german, sorry)

Verbatim CD-R 700 MB 40x:

Verbatim CD-R 700 MB 32x:

Philips CD-R 80 40x:

The reviews basically say that the BLER (Block Error Rate) was *way* too high for all three models, well above specification. Previously, only horrible NoName-CD-Rs like Vivastar 80 showed these kind of error rates.

A very reliable CD-R is usually Verbatim 24x Datalife Plus "metal Azo". "super AZO" 24x perform slightly worse. Also very reliable, as said in various reviews, are Teac CD-R 650 and 700.