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Best rippers..

It seeems that after reading a bit on this forum, everybody thinks that EAC is the better than Audiograbber, Easy CDDA Extractor, and CDex. I have used the latter three and i am very statifie with them.

But can some body just tell me why EAC is better than others??
( Other than price.... i am only talking about funtionality here and quality. Since EAC is still in beta.... and what abut after beta?? )

Best rippers..

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Originally posted by iwod
But can some body just tell me why EAC is better than others??

EAC has really good secure mode that works well with scratched cds, it works with drives that cache audio data, it has C2 error correction so one can rip protected cds, it can be used to burn cds. And the offset correction is really great, even if you copy disc multiple times you always get identical disc. This is not possible with any other ripper.