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Topic: Sound Technologies ST1000A FM Stereo Alignment Signal Generator from the 1960s (Read 589 times) previous topic - next topic
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Sound Technologies ST1000A FM Stereo Alignment Signal Generator from the 1960s

I have a Sound Technologies FM Stereo alignment signal generator from the 1960s. I'd prefer it finds a home with a vintage audiophile instrumentation enthusiast rather than ending up at e-cycling.

It was donated by someone who had no idea what it is or how to use it. Before that, I don't know what its history is. It looks to be in good condition.

Presumably it's all original, except the 50 ohm to 300 ohm balun is missing. There are instructions online for building an approximate replacement balun, interfacing through a 75 ohm cable, and upgrading the instrument to meet the specs of later models with a couple of simple circuit modifications:

The link also contains references to schematics and manuals.

Presumably with a little TLC this instrument could be used to align vintage FM receivers.

Referrals on where I might offload this instrument are appreciated. It belongs in the hands of an expert vintage gear restoration specialist.