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MP3 decoder compliance tests

I wonder if anyone would be interested in redoing the tests here:

With libMAD 0.15.1b, with a frontend that actually supports LAME, Xing, and iTunes gapless info tags.

It would also be interesting to see how many modern decoder implementations support any of the gapless encoding tags.

And the bit depth parts of the test should be done with floating point output of decoders, doing any down conversion to 16 bits or 24 bits using truncation or rounding only, no dithering.

I'm sort of thinking that most of the docked scores that MAD got there were due to using the stock Winamp plugin for decoding, which had forced dithering applied. MAD itself doesn't actually dither results, but produces 4.28 fixed point precision.

Their decoder (and encoder) tests are also freakin' old, having missed out on the last 3 years of MAD's progress to a slightly newer version, and missed out on 21 years of LAME's progress.

Probably no point to messing with this stuff these days, though. I'm just trying to give myself warm fuzzies for making another MP3 decoder plugin without much extra work on top of the original developer's, reviving a piece of code I removed 9 years ago.

Re: MP3 decoder compliance tests

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It is, after all, a really old web site. And it was kind of a ridiculous time, where decoders were outright broken. And I guess this person didn't know anything about standards compliance testing streams.