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Convert DTS to AAC LC


First of all sorry if this question is simple to you.

Skip this part if you don't wanna know what I tried.
So, basically here's what I want to do. I have files encoded in x264 and others in HEVC. The files in x264 have DTS audio. I want to take those audios and mux them to the HEVC files. But Keeping the audio as DTS would be a waste of storage space (the audio alone would double the HEVC files size).
I don't know much about codecs etc. But I had read that Opus was the best option to have a good quality audio that isn't an HDD eater.
I tried ffmpeg, seemed to change the codecs and overall size of the original file (a copy of it for test purposes), but MediaInfo reported the bitrate unchanged, and the size of the audio unchanged, so something must have gone wrong. I tried a few things but nothing worked.
I tried Handbrake but it doesn't allow video passthrough.
I tried to use StaxRip then, the resulting file had a small silence at the start (milliseconds, but still, if you do something might as aswell do it right) and it then the audio abruptly started. StaxRip demuxes the files and keeps them in a separate folder, I checked the Opus file, the was no issue with it, it played as I wanted it too without the silence. But when I tried to mux it myself using mkvtoolnix, there was the silence. I don't know why, but I went and listened to another HEVC file I had with opus audio, the same problem was there.

About the AAC.
Now I want to convert the DTS audios to AAC LC at 256kbps VBR, next best thing from what I read. For that I want to use QAAC.
Could you help and tell me what command should I type to batch convert a folder full of DTS audios? (I demuxed them to use with QAAC).
I tried to use MEGUI but it doesn't seem to do batch and the only extensions it allows aren't .aac.
I tried foobar2000, it doesn"t support DTS apparantly.
I tried using StaxRip too for this as there is a qaac encoder, but it doesn't allow a bitrate over 250.
From what I'v read, using ffmpeg would be a bad idea to encode to aac.

I don't usually struggle that much to do something that should be simple. But I can't do it.

Thank you for any input.

Re: Convert DTS to AAC LC

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Install the DTS plugin for Foobar2000 and you should be able to do the conversion.

Thank you. It worked (i think).
I'v 2 questions about the result tho. The log says "Decoder produced garbage at 23:39.680". and at the top "12 out of 12 files converted with major problems.". Is that normal or something went wrong? The files seem ok.
Also, the new files are now all 53 ms longer, is that normal ? (Now they are 53 ms longer than the video I want to mux them to)