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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by marc2k3 -
It's not likely. I use the lastfm API and that information is not present in the JSON I fetch. I assume that SMP script is scraping the html from the website which I really don't want to do.

edit: and yes I'm a big fat hyprocrite for scraping html to download images but that's because I have no other choice. :P
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_queuecontents - View and edit queue
Last post by Air KEN -
@da yuyu

> Keep queue when closing foobar2000 and save/restore context menu options

Thanks, But It disappears when I restart foobar. I don't think it's enabled. I may be using it incorrectly.

Should I click "restore" after restarting foobar? This is a "restore" function, right?
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Playback DTS files as pass through.
Last post by misio -
I have got the same problem. It is impossible to sent wave files with encoded dts content to the external processor/av receiver.
Wave file with dts inside can not be recognized by external decoder.
Foobar 2.0 in status bar displays such a info: DTS Coherent Acoustic and in the console one can see: Warning: not all played channels could be mapped to ASIO channels..
Foobar 1.6 plays wave files with encoded DTS content properly - external decoder/av receiver recognizes data stream with no problems.
So I guess there is no bit perfect transmission in Foobar 2.0. Original file is altered in some way, so bit perfect is unpossible to obtain.
Why, why Foobar 2.0 is worse than Foobar 1.6.
Maybe there is some solution, maybe there is a possibility to disable DTS Coherent Acoustic filter/decoder (whatever it is).
In Foobar 1.6 wave files with implemented dts content is treated as PCM.

I put a short sample in the link below:
It is a normal wave file with dts content and every external decoder/av receiver should recognize this file (via optical or coax) as a DTS.
No plugins, no VST, no ReplayGain, volume in foobar 0dB, ASIO or WASAPI exclusive, optical or coax.
Foobar 2.0 - av receiver/external decoder can not decode the stream data.
Foobar 1.6 - av receiver/external decoder can decode the stream data
General - (fb2k) / Re: v2.1 Fixes
Last post by Peter -
Note that the expiration check was removed a while ago so you can use preview builds as long as you like.
General - (fb2k) / Re: v2.1 Fixes
Last post by ojdo -
As long as you are "actively" managing your installation, there's nothing wrong with using the preview build until the release of 2.1. Except for an automatic "expiration check", the preview is nothing but a release candidate anyway. During the years, I have used preview builds occasionally for my "main" setup without detrimental effects. Just have your music (and possibly playback statistics database, if you use it) backed up, and you should be fine.