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BAO 0.95 is here..


burnatonce 0.95 is a huge update that uses cdrdao 1.1.7 and mkisofs 2.0. Windows 9x systems are now supported and burnatonce is no longer in beta.

Here is an overview of the main features added:

cdrdao now used for all writing tasks:

burnatonce 0.95 uses the latest version of cdrdao for all writing tasks - this resolves the stability and overburning issues experienced using cdrecord on a win32 platform and means windows 9x systems can now be supported. New features implemented from cdrdao are copy on the fly and subchannel data read/write.

Other improvements to the implementation of cdrdao include burnatonce locking the writer device on Windows 2000/XP to prevent other applications interupting the write process and the use of cdrdao's driver tables to ensure the most appropriate driver/driver options are used although users may still force the use of the generic-mmc-raw driver.

Improvements to the burnatonce interface:

Many general improvements have been made to the interface of burnatonce both for ease of use and presentation. The command log can now be stuck to the main window, burnatonce can be set to 'Always on top' and the last folder used for a particular task is remembered between sessions. burnatonce also checks whether media is writable, offers to erase cdrw media and informs you how much space is needed before trying to write. burnatonce now also has a helpfile and F1 will load relevent help for the window it was called from.

The use of ddump as a read engine has been improved by moving it to it's own menu option, showing progress in the console window and notifying the user if any read errors had occurred.

Data CD Compilation:

Improvements to Data CD Compilation include:

Bootable CD creation

More ISO options

103 charactor Joliet filenames

Audio CD Compilation:

Huge improvements have been made for Audio CD Compilations, these include:

A CD-Text editor for artist/title information

Use mp3 tags for CD-Text by default

Fill in CD-Text data from freedb query

Filter CD-Text data from filenames

Automatic track splitting by list of track length

Automatically convert mp3s with incompatible sample rate
burnatonce is no longer 'just' an image writer. It now includes all the features needed to make it a full audio and data cd authoring program while still maintaining the speed and ease of use that has always been it's goal. It's taken a long time to develop burnatonce 0.95 and I would like to thank all burnatonce beta testers and donors for their continued support.

get it here:

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